Sunday, December 30, 2007

More parties in 2008. And fun. ---Everywhere

I was planning to finish off the Fully Booked blog for 2007 with the Gym Project. But while writing the posting, I decided to change my plan. I don't want to end this year with an exercise routine. This will come soon - in the first days of 2008 will visit you: gyms, diet, healthy life style. Today is the last day of the year, traditionally a party day. Today parties accept congratulations, and even themselves celebrate. All over the world. At different time zones and weathers. On the mountains and in the seas! This is the time!

I love going out to parties and events. I enjoy it thoroughly and this is the reason I started this blog. And why not? What is not to like in a party? Smiley people, tasty food, clean and elegant clothes, alcohol, music and maybe a good looking guy looking at you. A glass of champagne tops up the list. Always!

But, believe it or not, I feel that tonight, I will look for a quiet place to celebrate, at least at midnight. I feel that I won't miss the crowds, not just for a few hours. I even thought to join the 3-hour silence "event" at a Manhattan based yoga center. Time for reflection? Probably. Tired of the 100+ parties I attended during 2007? Absolutely!

While reflecting on my 2007 year, I have no regrets and no complains when it comes down to the party and event scene. From fashion shows, to chocolate and champagne store openings, product launches, chocolate and food shows, book readings (with wine), restaurant food tastings, designer sales, networking events, business breakfasts and fancy dinners, I went to all. And I am pleased.

I strongly desire the trend to continue in 2008. A quick glance at my freshly updated diary, confirms. Yes, at least in January, there are a few already penciled in. Fun ones. I can't wait.

And for all of you, this is my wish for 2008: Don't be afraid to celebrate. Don't be scared to have fun. Allow it for a few minutes, if not hours, daily. Life seems endless with no breaks. Give yourself a break. Instead of eating pizza in front of television, get out. Have some fun. Laugh. Dance. Be merry. Tomorrow is another day.

As for tonight, I am still thinking. The 3-hour silence "event" is tempting. But so is the champagne with canapes party in Brooklyn.

I will keep you posted! Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So, you haven’t been invited ---Everywhere

Since my debut in the party and networking scene in 2000 in London, I was invited and attended many parties, networking groups, functions and more. And despite the great number of events I attended, I always feel the same excitement every time I receive the electronic invitation (or the paper one). My heart is beating fast, I am smiling and I can’t wait to the moment I will enter the door of another amazing (or not so) event waiting to be explored.

I can’t help thinking though. Why some individuals are always invited and some other don’t get any invitation what so ever? Why me, a very common human being, can’t figure out which event I should go to every evening (very often I have two or three to pick from) and a few others just sit in front of television to watch depressing news or silly shows?

Based on my ongoing research on “why some are invited and some others not”, I realized that one of the reasons is the following: those who are invited, ask for it! In other words, they just have a strong desire to be invited. This desire helps them materialize their actual invitation and therefore, event attendance. If you don’t desire to be invited or to go out to parties and events, you won’t take any action towards this direction. As a consequence, you won’t receive any invite and you won’t be present to any of the events happening every day.

But is this the only reason? No, it isn't. But this is the main and the important one. Strong desires are like fuel in our lives. Strong desires – or intentions- give us the energy we need to move on. It happens with everything and applies to each area. If you desire to move to Sydney, London or New York from your current place of residency, you will take all necessary steps to actually achieve the move. If you desire to go to College, you will get the good results in your SATs, you will get the financial support you need from your parents or the government and you will finally be accepted from your College of choice.

So, if you want to be invited, just have a real desire. I strongly believe that those of you who don’t go out too often, you just don’t wish for it. If you really want to go out, ask for it and it will come. Then take action.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Wired Store ---New York free

The Magazine Wired has a store in Manhattan since November 16! I accidentally discovered it while strolling around Soho the other day. The store will close at the end of this month so you still have a few days to visit and have a look. Even if technology does not appeal to you and you are not very geeky, this funky and pink store, it's worth your visit. Play with the gadgets, pick up a free Wired magazine, participate in competitions or attend Intel's Centrino Duo seminar and breakfast. You can also experience a door-to-door Infiniti shuttle service in an FX, QX or G Sedan, exclusively for WIRED Store weekend shoppers.

60 Greene St.
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-343-2900
Wednesday – Friday: 12PM – 8PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11AM – 7PM
CLOSED Monday and Tuesday

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I visited the Smart Workout studio. This cosy, exclusive studio, five minutes away from Grand Central station, offers a variety of classes and workouts that can satisfy the most demanding gym goers. Except for plenty of exercise classes, you can experience the Hydraulic resistance workout and the pilates reformer. After one week in this studio, you will be hooked!

124 East 40th Street Suite 603 New York, NY 10016 Phone. 212.661.1660

Score card

Facilities: 10/10
There is a changing room, two toilets/shower rooms and plenty of lockers with their own key! You can find towels, elastic bands for your hair, free tea and magazines. The small room in the corner, acts as a “powder room” with blow-dryers, hand creams and lotion for the ladies (and possibly men).

Variety of classes: 10/10
Despite the size of the studio, there are plenty of classes you can attend: From Pilates Reformer and Yoga classes, to Ballet Burn, Tango Workout, Zumba Cardio Dance, On the ball and the Katami Bar to name a few. There is also the amazing Face Conditioning class, a relaxing “workout” for your face muscles!

Rate of difficulty: 8/10
I tried several classes but I will stay on the Katami Bar workout. It was the first time in my exercise life that I did a class using the Katami Bar. This is a total body workout, with the Katami bar as a resistance aid. The trapezoidal shape of this bar keeps your arms on an even plane, adding accuracy to your workout. The class is challenging: for 45 minutes you do a “body conditioning class” and the funky looks of the Katami do not ease but add extra power to your workout. Yes, it may sound more fun than using weights but it is a very demanding class. You will sweat and sigh but at the end you will feel really exercised and your muscles toned.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Delta SKY360° Lounge ---New York free

This is the season for shopping, sharing and seeing loved ones. And SKY360° by Delta—a multi-dimensional lounge in the heart of Manhattan—is here to help.
By popular demand, this innovative venue will stay open until December 22nd. Take advantage of the American Express Connectivity Lounge (complete with free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations); check out the Reservations Area; and enjoy complimentary beverages from the Midnight Sky Bar.
But don't stop there. For $5 SKY360° will wrap your gifts and give a portion of the proceeds to New Yorkers For Children, a non-profit that raises funds to support children in New York City foster care. And SKY360° by Delta is also an official depot for the Food Bank For New York City, so drop off non-perishable, canned food items to help families in need.
SKY360° is located at 101 West 57th St. NY, NY 10019, on the corner of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, and is now open between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Thurs-Sat until December 22nd.

Friday, December 14, 2007

emt Vintage ----New York free

It's back! For your vintage shopping,
december 15, 2007
2-6 pm tribeca grand hotel (2 avenue of the americas)

What you can find

WOMEN'S SHOES extravaganza!
+Christian Louboutin ankle booties $ 125-
+Costume National ankle boots $ 75-
+Dries Van Noten gold crinkle shoes- $60-
+Dries Van Noten red patent leather slingbacks- $60-
+Helmut Lang over the knee boots $89+Vintage clogs $52
+Plaid Vivienne Westwood booties $95
+Gucci Ankle boots $82+Manolo Blahnik two tone heels $95
+YSL booties $85
+Gucci booties $75

and clothes also:

+Bernard Wilhelm hand-embroidered Coat- $400 Like NEW---MINT CONDITION!!!
+Jean-Paul Gaultier wool pleated skirt (ankle length w/side slit) -$125
+Luella Bartley denim jean- $50
+Misc. cashmere sweaters $35-45
+Mink stoles and capes $79- $115
+Small Cashmere fitted black coat with toggle buttons $70
+Lanvin floral skirt $45

and lots more!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Space NK’s Simultaneous Soirées ---New York free

Wednesday, December 12

6–9 p.m.

RSVP by December 11

99 Greene Street


217 Columbus Avenue

Space NK, the United Kingdom’s definitive destination for beauty offers an eclectic mix of more than 50 cult brands, and many others never before seen stateside. Enjoy a complimentary, personalized consultation with our expert make-up artists and skincare consultants, and receive a deluxe goodie bag.

*Champagne and chocolates will be served.

*While supplies last. Must be 21 or older to attend.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Top trends in the party scene this holiday season ---New York

There is a lot to be said about trends in parties, events and gifts this holiday season. When I am out and about, I keep my eyes and ears open to see, hear and feel what is going on. So far, I noticed the following top trends that will affect you and your bank account this season:

1. Champagne
It has always been our favorite primarily in New Year's Eve. This year, champagne dominates the scene. Whenever you go, whatever you do, there is bubbly. Champagne comes in all forms: Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Laurent-Perrier and Mercier are some of the most common ones. But there is also pink champagne and sparkling wine for all tastes and wallets! I also saw and experienced also, small cans of champagne with a straw - easy to drink and to carry around! Coppola's wine company offers individual cans of sparkling wine named after Sofia or in packs of four!

2. Chocolate
Another indulgence for sweet tooth individuals. Chocolate is on every table, in each event and every party. Gallery openings, launch parties, food shows, holiday shopping events and even cosmetic boutique gatherings! Who doesn't love chocolate? I know people who don't, but even them agree that they see and taste so much of it that they started to like it! I do like chocolate. But I also have to admit that New York maybe has gone overboard with it. So less might be more in this case.

3. Environment-friendly decorations
I don't know if it's Al Gore's Nobel prize or because we all love our environment but things are getting seriously green. From Christmas trees and their "wooden" ornaments, decorations, furniture to rugs and sofas - everything has to be environmental friendly. Or just to "imitate" it. I have no more comments. It's nice. Just don't overdo it.

4. No wrapping paper
Probably as a result of the trend above, no need for wrapping paper. Why killing trees when we can avoid it? But if you offer a gift unwrapped, it's like going out barefoot. Well, not really. In lieu, you put it in a cotton, re-usable bag (or tote). Which can count as a gift number two... So this season your gift is bagged!

5. Re-gifting
What is this? Do you actually understand the meaning of this word? Yes, I do. Think of all the gifts you got the previous years that still remain in their boxes or bags (because you don't like them, are from goodie bags you lost interest in etc). You can now "recycle" them. Put them in nice totes and offer them as a gift. You just save time and money. Being cheap? No, this is not a trend this season. You just support Al Gore's good causes, you recycle and you don't throw things away. Just remember to keep an inventory: what came in, what goes out and to whom! Don't regift back to the initial gift giver! That does not sound nice!

Mosaic Drinks ----London

The next mosaic drinks will be
On Wednesday 12th December
From 19:30 onwards
At Adam Street Private Members’ Club
9 Adam Street – off the Strand
Nearest tube: charring Cross / Covent Garden

On guest list only so please RSVP by Tuesday 11th December

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 4 top tips for a successful event ---Everywhere in the West

Well, certain things are self-explanatory, but I still believe that all the four following should be included. At least today. I may come up with more ideas next week!

1. Booze
If there is no alcohol, there is no event. An event is named as such because there is booze. Otherwise, it would be something else like going to school or to the church. Not only should you include alcoholic beverages, but in large amounts! And of a good quality. Champagne indicates luxury and wealth (very London, less New York), wine tells that people are more sophisticated (London and New York but also international) and beer translates as a funky event but also cheap. Cocktails are often offered in women's related or targeted events so they are kind of girly. So don't be afraid to serve alcohol. In large portions....

2. Grapes
I don't know why grapes are everywhere these days in New York City, but I have the feeling that they are an indispensable event success element. There is something about them. They are sweet, have different colors and are fresh. The old days I only had grapes in August and September (yes, I am from the Mediterranean), but it seems that tradition changes and you can get grapes throughout the year. Have some in your event. They are lovely!

3. People
If there are no people, why you are planning the event in the first place? Only for yourself? Although some events are very posh and exclusive and target the very few who belong into those categories, most of them do want to attract as many human beings as possible. It's a good choice. With no human souls, there is no life, no fun, no event. Just invite them. All! They will come.

4. Theme
It would be nice to have a "theme" for your event. I am not talking about boring conferences on the role of slashes and tags in programing (only computer geeks will appreciate) or the importance of organizing your spreadsheets (this might actually be helpful to know). Have a theme based on which your event will be created. The more specific you are, the better you can market your event. A few good examples would be: Designer bag shopping, networking event for non-fiction editors, dark chocolate making, wellness foods, green tea tasting, gallery opening, romantic novel book signing, etc. Then based on the "theme", you can add some more attractive elements that will give your event an extra buzz. How about matching the romantic novel book signing in a cozy boutique selling vintage clothing? So, instead of doing it boringly in a bookstore, you opt for the boutique! Be thematic but also innovative.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ModernMart Supermarket Gift Fair ---New York free

I can’t think of a more sensible way to kick-start your holiday shopping than an independent gift fair showcasing emerging local designers and their affordable wares. Due to its success the past two years, ModernMart is returning to DWR Tribeca to prove that the third time really is a charm. This year, DWR is partnering with Supermarket, the webstop for break out product designers. For even more shopping options, DWR is featuring its largest gift selection ever. Many items will be priced under $100 and the first 100 in the door will receive a complimentary gift bag. A special guest DJ will amplify the shopping ambiance, and champagne, chocolates and brownies by Mari’s New York will be served. Guest designers will accept cash or check only.

Wednesday, December 5, 7–9pm
Design Within Reach - Tribeca
124 Hudson St
New York City,
NY 10013
Phone: 212.219.2217

Monday, December 03, 2007

Joe's coffee class ---New York

Are you a caffeine aficionado, but you can’t tell the difference between an Arabica bean and a Robusta? Do you know how much spoons of coffee you need for a 6-ounces cup or you are clueless? If you need answers to the questions above, you should consider the class “Coffee 101: From Bean to Cup” by Joe’s. I was one of the students last week and I found satisfactory answers to all my questions. During the class, Amanda Byron (Joe’s Director of Coffee) presented in an entertaining and informative way the basics of what coffee is, the major growing regions, how the beans are grown and roasted and finally how to buy, brew and drink coffee at home. After attending this class, you will be far more knowledgeable about Joe’s preferable beans and where they come from, the differences between a drip coffee maker and a French press, grinders and what you should look for, right amounts of coffee and coffee’s worst enemies (I won’t tell you, you have to attend once!). All that, while tasting coffees from all over the world and exploring the flavor characteristics of these regions. When leaving – together with the “scoop” that comes as a gift - I can guarantee you that you will drink your next cup of coffee with brand new eyes, nose and sensation!

For dates and classes, check the website or contact Gabrielle at

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soles 4 Souls ---New York free

Eneslow, Soles4Souls, the 23rd Street Association and Waste Not Want are working together to continue the work of helping the less fortunate. Soles4Souls has a simple mission: To impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. In times of natural disasters and major emergencies, Soles4Souls provides usable footwear for those who have lost everything. During the month of November and December, please donate all of the shoes you never wear, especially the ones that are gently used.
On December 3, you are invited for refreshments and networking with Super Bowl XXI MVP and 15-year NFL veteran Phil Simms:
DATE: Monday, December 3, 2007
TIME: 7:30 PM to the end of Monday Night Football
LOCATION: Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center
470 Park Avenue South, 32nd Street
RSVP: 212-477-2300, "0"
ENTRY FEE: Donate all the shoes you never wear

Friday, November 30, 2007

Details Block Party ---New York free

Details magazine is helping to celebrate the Meatpacking District with a day of shopping, style, music, entertainment and special guests. The day will feature discounts up to 20% off at some of the area’s busiest shops, including Theory, Tracy Reese, Banana Republic, Puma, An Earnest Cut & Sew, Calypso, Rebecca & Drew and more. Participating restaurants will feature free Bollinger champagne tastings, food tastings and discounts. The Hotel Gansevoort will host seven pop-up stores including Le Blanc, Remington, Asics, Dunhill, Hanes, Epson, and Kenneth Cole. Click on for a guide to participating shops, restaurants and more details.

Date: Saturday, December 1st
Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Various Locations throughout the Meat Packing District
Cost: Free

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hidden Art Open Studios ----London

It's this time of the year again!

This year the event will be brought back to its East London roots, while offering opportunities for all Hidden Art designer-maker members (both in London and the UK) to be involved. There will be more activities, and places of interest involved in the event, including a Hidden Art Fair as well as the regular studios opening their doors to the public, bringing a community feel to this exciting event and an increase in visitor numbers.

When: 1-2 December 2007

Check the website for more information:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Grand Marnier Tasting Experience ---New York free

The House of Grand Marnier and Hotel Gansevoort welcomes the pleasure of your company and invites you to participate in The Grand Marnier Tasting Experience.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Moet Hennessy
Hotel Gansevoort, Executive Meeting Room, 18 Ninth Avenue, New York City
price: free

Monday, November 26, 2007

Technique classes at Williams-Sonoma---New York free

If you like cooking but you are not very good at it, Williams-Sonoma offers free technique classes. I had the opportunity to experience two of their classes - Traditional Sides with a twist and also Holiday Breakfast. I am not an expert at cooking but those classes will teach you basic techniques to make your own dishes! During The Holiday Breakfast, I learned how to make a frittata: ideally, you use three ingredients and you add the eggs and the cheese. I also learned the difference between a frittata and an omelet. The omelet is folded, the frittata not. The Traditional Sides with a twist was more challenging, at least for someone who does not know what is a potato ricer. Did you know that you can make "potato rice"? The mashed potatoes with plenty of butter and double cream was delicious! So was the vinaigrette with the fresh mint in it and the 3 to 1 oil to vinegar dose.

But the most important thing I learned was that cooking is a social experience. If you really want to improve your cooking skills, you will have to "see" cooking in a completely different way. It's fun, sociable and you always need an "intention to create". You don't really need recipes.

As for me, I won't buy the potato ricer. But I will keep taking the technique classes. More as an effort to change my perspective to cooking but also to get inspired by the great chefs I meet.

For more information about Williams-Sonoma classes, call 212-8239750 or visit their website for recipes too!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The NetParty Networking event ---New York

I often wonder what makes a networking event successful. Is the number of attendees, the business exchanges or the money the organizer will make or lose? If the number is important, tonight's NetParty networking event was definitely a success. There was a long line at Hiro Ballroom venue and inside many more. We all had our name tag on the top of our shirt or jacket. To make ourselves known and be present.

I didn't find anything professional during the night (although I admit I left very early!). The venue, a nightclub, can't be the ideal location for a professional networking meeting. It was dark, relatively loud and the number of attendees as high as it was prohibited from social interaction. To me, the large number of attendees (800 based on their website) was a disadvantage. How you can introduce yourself to someone when it is dark, you are squeezed by someone who is pushing you and you can't see the name of the potentially interesting person who came to network with you? And don't get me started with the promised and highly expected from hungry professionals hors d'ouevres. Very few that left as soon as they were out! I managed to get a melted cheese canapé in a questionable quality bread....that was all!

Finally, who on earth decided that professional networking events are actually dating parties? To my knowledge and from my experience from serial networking for nearly two years in London, professional networking has nothing to do with flirting and dating. For those, you go to events for singles or speed-dating parties. Single men were approaching me in a very flirtatious mood but they didn't do it well. If you want to flirt, do it all the way. Don't pretend to be interested in my business or career. Because you aren't my man!

Tonight's event was actually interesting to observe. The NetParty networking objectives may been satisfied. But for me, it wasn't what I personally expect from professional gatherings. The event tonight belongs to a different sphere - that of the social/dating/having-fun on Tuesday night/ sphere. I won't return to confirm. I am certain. Maybe a change in NetParty's objectives wouldn't be a bad idea. Or title. Just keep the "social", delete the "professional".

And I missed the High-flying aerialists performing overhead....

Organization: 8/10
People: 8/10
Interaction: 3/10
Networking: 3/10
Go back: 0/10

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mobile Mondays ---New York

Nov 19th: An Evening With Samsung - Is Every Mobile Phone a Smartphone?

Join the Mobile Monday crowds, tonight for a thought-provoking discussion.

When: Monday, Nov 19th, 6:30-9 PM as always with a lovely networking reception compliments of the gracious host Samsung.
Giveaways: A selection of 5 Samsung handsets:
Samsung Experience Center
Time Warner Center – Shops at Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd floor
New York City,
New York 10022

Friday, November 16, 2007

Billion Dollar Babes Sample Sale ---NewYork

Fri 11/16 - Sun 11/18 (5PM) at The Metropolitan Pavillion & Altman Building. It's back. It's stylish. It's better than ever. We're talking the Billion Dollar Babes sale. You'd better be there, baby!
Visit their website for information about membership, events and sample sales!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

German Riesling Tasting Events ---New York

In an effort to promote German Riesling as the perfect wine pairing with the Thanksgiving meal, Wines of Germany will be hosting a series of in-store Riesling tastings at various wine stores in New York and San Francisco.

Visit the website for a detailed list of wine tastings from November 12 to November 17th!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chocolate Show ---New York

Visiting a chocolate show is an interesting experience that includes all senses: taste, touch, feel, smell and view. Only the hearing can’t be satisfied from such a visit and feels lonely and unsatisfied. The chocolate show in Manhattan last week was both fulfilling and overwhelming. I entered the building from the press entrance, to my delight and I avoided the crowds. Or I thought so. On a Saturday afternoon, there might be hundred different things someone can do in NYC. But chocolate is always an attractive choice. In all forms: as food, cooking class, activity and even show. Despite the masses, I visited all stands and representatives of chocolatiers from all over the world. I also tried (or I should speak the words and say ATE) lots of chocolate! Too much choice, too much fun!

I also had the chance to attend a live seminar on how to prepare the “white chocolate pumpkin chiboust”. The chef, from the very well-known Buddakan restaurant was entertaining and reassuring: "If you cook veggies, don’t be afraid to add some fat". So butter is on the table! And cream. The outcome was a pleasant and tasty experience despite the fact that it wasn’t dark (rather yellow from the pumpkin). It looked and smelled good. My appetite was satisfied. And a number of my senses.

I admit it. I like chocolate. Although not a sweet tooth – I always give up dessert in a three-course dinner and I go for the coffee instead. But I like it plain (not in the form of muffin, cake, pie, brownie or tart). Milk it can be, with almonds, hazelnuts or raisins. And dark. And raw. White. With berries. Pralines. With pistachios. In small square pieces. Spicy chocolate (with chilies or piquillos). Tiny bars for the “petites” sized-people. I also like chocolate mousse, truffles, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate coffee. Yes, this show gave me the opportunity to experience with all of the above. Like a child in a candy store, I allowed myself to relax, eat and smell, play, touch and see. Now, I know. Chocolate is not only my favorite “sweet”, it’s the only one.

On my way out, I was overwhelmed but also inspired. I felt like Proust describing sensations while eating his favorite “madelaines”. For a 21st century blogger, chocolate has the same effect: brings feelings and memories but also imagination. And a delightful taste in my mouth.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Campari Projects ---New York

Campari projects presents Eva and Franco Mattes at Artists Space - Nov 13‏, at 6.30pm. RSVP by calling: 6462051607.

Artists Space: 38 Greene street, Soho, New York

The Last Tuesday Society ----London

His Excellency
Viktor Wynd
Chancellor of The Last Tuesday Society
Would Be Most Ecstatically HappyWere You To Do Him The Honour of Attending
The Hendrick’s Autumn & Winter Salons

On Tuesday 13th November
Hugo Vickers Will Talk About His New Book
Horses and Husbands: The Life and Loves of Etti Plesch
At Olympia Art & Antiques Fair
At 7pm, with complimentary cocktails from 6pm
Tickets Ten Pounds including Entry to The Fair

On Monday The 23rd November
We Will Be Back at Bistrotheque
With Antony Penrose On His Parents Lee Miller & Roland Penrose
6:30pm live jazz from Alan Weekes, Cocktails from Hendrick’s Gin & Canapes 7:30pm Talk
tickets ten pounds from

The Last Salon of The Year Will Be Held in Fitzrovia At
Bourne & Hollingsworth, 28 Rathbone Place, W1
Paul Willets will talk on
Fear & Loathing in Fitzrovia; The Strange Lives of Julian Maclaren-Ross7:00pm Talk, followed by Live Jazz from Alan Weekes & Cocktails from Hendrick’s Gin
tickets ten pounds from

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photography exhibition ---New York

Don't miss the Experience Life Photo Exhibit, on Monday 11-12 at 6pm. Art gallery HAYATO

125E 23rd street, 2/3 floor, NY, 10010

Friday, November 09, 2007

Cinema Chile ----New York

Please join the CinemaChile - NYC Fall 07! The series will run from November 9th through the 15th at the Quad Cinemas. For more information on the series including screening dates and time, please visit the website

Friday 11/9 -Thursday 11/15
The Quad Cinema34 West 13th Street
price: $10 Adults, $7 Students, $7 Seniors

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cook Eat Drink Live event ---New York

Visiting a food and drink festival can be a tempting, enjoyable and also challenging experience. The task is even harder when you have to pick and choose (to see, taste and drink) from over 100 different exhibitors, restaurants, presentations and workshops.

But I managed and I had a very good time. I visited pretty much everyone and I tasted everything: from cheese, to wheat-free crackers, New York apples, oils and vinegars to Asian restaurant samples, mini cinnamon cheese cakes (my favorite), cote d’or chocolates, honey-roasted nuts, canapés and Ghirardelli choco dark pleasures, I satisfied my appetite and I proved that Food Festivals should be renamed as “Christmas for adults”. I also tried and indeed, drank amazing wine from all over the world: Spain, Italy and California to mention a few. I didn’t forget the cocktail samples, refreshing and strong enough to give you a buzz! Despite the long way to the end of the exhibitors, I found the time to go to a couple of presentations and didn’t miss the chance to attend two very resourceful and entertaining workshops: how to prepare a cheese plate and how to pickle fish and veggies, facilitated from Steve Jenkins (a world-known cheese monger) and Johan Svensson (executive chef at Aquavit) respectively.

Now I am done, with my stomach full and my taste delightfully satisfied, I am ready to move on. What the most important thing was, except for the great number of tastings, that I learned more about myself and food. Definitely a wine and chocolate fan, I also noticed that I prefer cold to warm food. So, maybe, pickled fish might become one of my daily eating habits. And lots of cheese!

Mosaic Drinks ---London

The next mosaic drinks will exceptionally take place
on Wednesday 7th November
from 19:30 onwards
at Bertorelli
in the bar UPSTAIRS
11-13 Frith Street
Soho W1D 4RF

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Hippest New Locale: Sky360° by Delta ---New York

Escape without packing your bags! Sky360 by Delta arrived on October 3rd, and you are all invited to come on-board!
Open to the public during the day, you can spend an afternoon sipping complimentary Coca-Cola beverages from the Midnight Sky Bar while you snack on the culinary creations of Chef Todd English. Explore new in-flight experience, including all-leather seats, movies and music, the AvisConnect Wi-Fi service, and the American Express Connectivity Lounge with mobile charging stations.
Sky360 by Delta is located at 101 West 57th St. NY, NY 10019, on the corner of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Tues–Sat through November 10.

Still a few days to visit! It's a cool place to hang out for a couple of hours!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Writer's Voice Visiting Author Series ---New York

If you like literature and you want to be inspired by successful authors and poets, then you should attend the West Side YMCA's “The Writer's Voice Visiting Author Series” on nearly each Friday of the month. Readings are free and open to the public and include a book signing at the end of the presentation. During the month of November, will appear the following authors:

Catherine Doty, Joan Cusack Handler, Jack Wiler & Baron Wormser
Friday, November 2, 2007
8:00 PM
Reading/Book Release/Book Signing

James B. MacKinnon
“Dead Man in Paradise”
Friday, November 9, 2007
8:00 PM

William Luvaas
“A Working Man’s Apocrypha”
Friday, November 16, 2007
8:00 PM
Reading/Book Release/Book Signing

Robert Mihinnick, Nicholas Johnson, Iwan Llwyd & D. Nurkse
Friday, November 30, 2007
8:00 PM
Reading/Book Release/Book Signing

The readings are taken place at the West Side YMCA, The George Washington Lounge at 8pm. Light snacks and drinks are also served during the evening.
West Side, YMCA: 5 West 63rd Street (between Central Park West & Broadway)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Designer sample sale in NYC until November (11)

For $22 to $75, Earnest Sewn is offering anything from a women's denim jacket and men's button-downs to kids' T-shirts, and, of course, jeans for everyone. When: 11/5–11/9; Mon.–Fri. (8–8). Where: 819 Washington St., nr. Little W. 12th St. (212-242-3414).

Malo is known for his men's and women's knitwear, which is 70 percent off. A women's cashmere coat was $2,500 but is now $750. When: 11/4–11/6 (9–6:30); 11/7 (9–5). Where: 317 W. 33rd St., nr. Eighth Ave. (718-747-1656).

Helen Wang sample and stock sale this Wednesday, 1-8, Th: 8-8, Fr: 10-6, at 145 W. 18th [6th/7th]. Silk chiffon dresses were $440, now $139.

At the Rebecca Taylor sample and stock sale, it's wholesale and below for a stretch striped twill mini dress (was $365, now $150), pants, shirts, and more. 145 W. 18th [6th/7th] 212.388.0339, from 11/2-11/4, M: 1-8, Tu: 8-8, We: 10-6.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cook Eat Drink Live

Cook. Eat. Drink. Live. is for the modern food, chocolate and wine enthusiast; a fresh and modern take on the complete epicurean experience. Free seminars, cheese, beer and wine tastings, open spa to relax opportunities, coffee and tea cocktails and many more!!! Just go!!!

Pier 94 New York
Starts: 10/26/07 Ends: 10/27/07
Fri, Oct 26: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat, Oct 27: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Event Cost:
$100 day; $175 weekend

Monday, October 22, 2007

The evening of the seven "events"

Attending a number of events each week, is pretty much the best of my habits. An event, in my personal, rather strict definition, is a happening that has to involve alcohol. Otherwise, it is not an event. I avoid the term party because party is far more specific. Last Thursday, I had invitations for seven "events" starting from 4pm. Attending seven events in one night is too much to ask and do but I decided to compete with myself: Will I have the energy to go to all of those?

I started at 4pm. It was a food tasting function that, unfortunately, didn't involve any alcohol (so it wasn't an event to my definition). The food was excellent, the people were happy and the demonstrators happier because they were selling! What else someone can ask? At around 5pm I arrived at my second venue, well-known department store for a champagne, chocolate and shopping evening. I admit that I didn't buy anything despite the 20% discount (but I had shopped the previous day, that's why I was invited in the first place). I had champagne and I tasted the delicious Godiva chocolates, I spied on the ladies and the latest fashion trends and off I was to my next event! I successfully missed event number 3 because it was happening simultaneously with the second event (I can't be in two places at the same time, at least not in this physical world, maybe in the movies). I arrived around 6ish at a Chelsea Gallery opening for which I had received an invitation although the opening was a free public event (if you knew it). Three glasses of champagnes to follow, cheese and grapes and very bad art (in my modest, non-artistic opinion) allowed me to wonder in the building and view other shows. Then I started thinking: where should I go next? It was 7.15pm and I had plenty of time for events 7 and 8 but the event 6 had already started. I didn't want to go. I was in a similar event last month and I found it interesting but also boring. So I skipped this one. On my way to the subway to event 7, I saw a long line in front of a Chelsea building. I decided to go and have a look and as the line was moving fast, I entered the space. It was the party!!! Two more glasses of wine, more cheese and nuts, a free T-shirt and a photo book and I was all set for the night. The time was nearly 8pm and I had to run for my "initial" event 7. And this is what I did. I missed the first 15 minutes but they started late anyway. This intellectual event gave me some momentum but it also added two more glasses of wine in my stomach with some fresh fruit.

I had decided to skip the final, number 8 event in the Lower East Side. I was in the Upper West and I felt that it was too far, and I was too drunk to go. After all, the unexpected Flickr party replaced one of the programed events so I did well on Thursday night.

Total: 5 events
Alcohol: 4 glasses of champagne and 4 glasses of white wine
Food: samples, chocolate, cheese (a lot), fruit, nuts and some snacks
State of mind: joyful and blurry
Will I do it again? Yes



Reminder-Film in the City and MovieMaker Magazine Present- Kick-Off-
Dear Film in the City Friends.....The "Indie Film Confidential" Kick-off cocktail celebration sponsored by MovieMaker Magazine , NATAS-NY, The Independent Features Film Festival ,The Harlem International Film Festival and Reel Sisters Film Festival is Tomorrow- TUESDAY-10/23. "Indie Film Confidential" will feature Complimentary Appetizers,, Guest VIP Filmmakers and cool networking. Join us as we kick-off the "Indie Film Confidential" Salon ...Where Filmmakers Get To Make Deals Happen.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I visited the Embora Wellness and Movement studio in Brooklyn. This cosy studio at 900, Fulton street is smaller than you expect.

Score card

Facilities: 6/10
There is a tiny changing room, two toilets and I am not sure if there is a shower room or lockers. You also need to bring your own towel.

Variety of classes: 7/10
Given the size of the space, there is a number of classes you can attend: Yoga, cardio-kickboxing, capoeira angola, belly dancing, pilates and strengthen & stretch and a few others....

Rate of difficulty: 8/10
I tried the strengthen and stretch class. Although it seemed too easy in the beginning, it turned out to be challenging enough. Some movements and postures reminded of pilates but they were far more difficult to perform. I liked the balance exercises with the ball – too hard even to think about! Overall, a fun but challenging class. You will be sweating in the end. Try it out if you visit Embora!


New York

Abel Duo Munich:Violin & Cello Concert
From classic to folkloreWorks by Händel, Haydn and Mozart as well as Folk melodies from Europe, North America, Latin America and Armenia
Thursday, October 18
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
German House
New York
871 United Nations Plaza (at 49th Street) New York City
price: free
Anna Petrova - Violin
Yorick-Alexander Abel - Cello
Please RSVP indicating “Abel”and all attending persons’ full or call 212-610 9759


The Germanic party is back!
To all Germanic- Party - people ... join the crazy German- After-Oktoberfest-Party.
Don't forget to register at
See you all on Saturday 20th October from 20.30 onwards and don't forget it's GBP 10 before 22.00.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Parties and events

I don't know if going to events has always been one of my favorite activities or it's just brand new. I am thinking that I have always liked to be invited. Since I was a child. School birthday parties were my "best". I enjoyed the people, the food and the fun. This cosy type of gathering brought me joy, comfort and pleasure at an early age. Growing up, I liked it even more but in a different way. It was more of a social event. I had to dress up, have my hair done, put on some makeup. Jolly good! Since I joined the networking scene in London, going out to "events" became a part of my job, and during my freelance days, nearly a part of my career. Networking was fun but also hard work. I had to introduce myself, behave, avoid the excessive use of alcohol and eat the tasty canapes in moderation. I had the chance to meet influential and very successful people - and rarely under weird circumstances (well-known TV presenter was sharing the same ladies room, a not so common location to make contact). I don't, of course, deny attendance in extravagant and "thematic" parties, very attractive, luxurious and posh in London, the capital.

As a new resident of NYC since September 2006, "events" slightly changed context. I became far more interested in the content rather than the business or the success of people. I focus my attention on the creative aspect of the event, the location, the colors. And it's fun! A new angle in my new, full of invitations and RSVPs life!

More about parties and events later during the week. For now, read below where you can go:

Jazz at Lincoln Center

October 10th: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Musical Wednesdays with Jazz at Lincoln Center
Join us for an evening of great live jazz performed
The Samsung Experience, Time Warner Center,
at Columbus Circle10 Columbus Circle, 3rd fl 8th Ave


mosaic on-line launch drinks will take place
on Wednesday 10th October
from 19:00, at stanza (ex-teatro)
93-107 Shaftsbury Avenue
London W1D 5DY

Monday, October 01, 2007

New York in October

I am back. I have been very quiet for nearly six weeks. Not that I didn't have anything to write or bitch about New York. There is always plenty of material for such a task. But I slowed down a little bit during the end of August and September. A short trip to Europe, hot and humid days, iced coffees and a general laid back attitude did not allow me to be very productive or creative. But I won't give up my NYLON blog.

Truth is though that the more I stay in the Big Apple, the less I talk about London. I am always pro London. As a former London resident, I still believe that London is far more sophisticated and classy city than New York. There people are not so rude on the streets, are elegantly dressed, do not complain about money all the time and can buy a fifteen pound cocktail drink at a high-class hotel bar. I miss my evenings at the Savoy, Meridian Waldorf or Mandarin Oriental bars. Far from being my locales, there were secret treasures. To celebrate, laugh and be extravagant. I don't have a similar experience from the Big Apple. Maybe this is going to be my next goal: try out expensive bars in NYC!

I will keep you posted on my progress soon! In the meantime, you can read my regular postings at the "other" blog: My alter ego is Diva Renee who will share the dirt of the city and announce numerous events. Diva Renee will welcome your comments too so be active.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Events - New York

If you are looking for vintage clothes, it's your day today Saturday 25th of August.
2-6pm at tribeca grand hotel (2 avenue of the americas) cash only, entrance is free.
For more info visit:

There will be:

Vintage 1970's light denim overalls $100
Vintage pinafore cropped pants $100
Ruffian spring dress $150
Beautiful embroidered empire summer blouse $25
60's red petite shift dress $45
High-waisted denim shorts- hot! $25
Vintage dark denim 80's jacket $25
Floral 70's cotton sundress $25
CHLOE eyelet shorty shorts $65

And lots more!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I visited the May Center for Health, Fitness and Sport
(visit I finally had the chance to visit this amazing and well-known center, not only for its sports facilities but also for its lectures and events. The center is conveniently located in Upper East Side. I tried the Pilates with the band and the ball class, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Score card

Facilities: 8/10

The women’s changing room is on the fifth floor where you can get a free towel but you need your own lock for the locker room. The shower room is spacious and clean with plenty of soap and shampoo. There is also a cosy cafe on the same floor.

Variety of classes: 10/10

Plenty of classes to choose from: Pilates and yoga, to cardio detox, power strength, and spinning but also latin low impact class, move and groove and numerous classes in the pool as for example, aquacise and splash dance!

Rate of difficulty: 8/10

The pilates with the band and the ball isn’t really for pilates beginners but you can give it a go even if you are one! The ball helps you align your body and the band to better master the pilates postures by gaining flexibility. Nice, slow but with significant results especially on the stomach and thighs. Try it!



Bloomingdale's will be hosting a “Girls Night Out”, tonight, August 9th, from 6pm to 8pm to celebrate their 20th year of Y.E.S. Party on fashion's time machine to live DJ beats pas and present as we celebrate the 20-year evolution of Y.E.S. style. Rewind through the greatest hits of years past, re-mastered with the fits and fabrications of the moment. And fast forward to the shape of things to come in our dazzling fall collections. Enjoy Vincent Van Gogh Vodka while you shop. Spend $200.00 and receive a $25.00 gift card towards your future Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear purchase.

Check out their website for more info at

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Events in New York and London


New York’s nutritionist Amanda Young will be at Bare Escentuals store on Thursday July 26th. She will be offering tips on raw food cuisine, detox plans, skin “diet” and make up solutions using Rare Minerals. Participants will sip “beauty cocktails” and taste healthy hors d’oeuvres. As a Bare Escentuals beginner, I plan to attend and learn more on how to make the most of their natural products. Thursday, July 26th, from 8 pm to 9.30 pm Bare Escentuals 1140 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021, tel: 646 537-0070

Pepe Villegas and Lucy Mink: Two new shows at BAG
Brooklyn Artists Gym is proud to present two new shows. Pepe Villegas won first prize in our "Look See: Reflections" show. Lucy Mink won first prize in our second annual "Small Works Show."
Both artists bring exciting new work to the Brooklyn Artists Gym Gallery the first two weekends of August. Come join us for artists' receptions, Saturday, August 4 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., and Saturday, August 11, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.


The NEW GerMANIC- Summerparty 2007
Saturday 4th August
The 2 famous DJ's together... can only mean fun
WITH: OUR special DJs flown in again to bring you the best of GerMANIC Oompah-Music..
WHEN: Saturday, 4th August 2007
FROM: 8.30 pm till 3 am
WHERE: The Wall
45 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HU
T: 020 7588 4845
COST: GBP 10 at the door before 22.00 hrs, AFTER 22.00 it's GBP20
For further information and to get your name on the guest list for this fun event just go to RSVP by 3rd August!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

London Events

Event Name: Meet at Last Supper Evening
When: 7:00 PM, Sunday 15 July 2007
Where: United Kingdom
Papageno Restaurant, 29-31 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7DB

Meet at Last Supper Evening. New restaurants, new people, a new way to spend an evening out. Join us for the next Supper evening on Sunday 15th July from 7pm at a fabulous new venue. Papageno Restaurant, in Covent Garden takes its name from the bird catcher in Mozart's ever popular orchestra "The Magic Flute". Appropriately located in the heart of theatre land, the décor is an exuberant cross between an opera set and Aladdin's Cave a striking gold façade leads to an interior with colourful stage props, flamboyant artwork, gilt furniture and heavy drapes. Papageno is a wonderfully styled restaurant in Covent Garden - you have to see it to believe the decor and detail in the room! We've chosen it as the next Supper Club venue and are looking forward to a sumptous evening in dining style.

Enjoy delicious mediterrian food, lovely drinks, entertainment and of course new people to meet.
Only 30 places available so please book early - tickets only available in advance. Please book online using Paypal or NoChex. Any problems booking online please email or telephone 0870 766 5245, Age Range 35+
Dress Code Dress to Impress
Price £45 advance only
Supper Ticket £45
to include* welcome drink* 3 course meal* 1/2 bottle wine* entertainment** up to 30 single people

Event Name: Wine Tasting Evening & Party Night with Helen Lede
When: 7:30 PM, Saturday 21 July 2007
Where: United Kingdom
Jamies Bar, 74 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4QH
Wine Tasting Evening & Party Night with Helen Lederer
We are delighted to have teamed up with the well known comedian and actress turned wine buff Helen Lederer. Helen is famous for her role in the hit BBC one series Absolutely Fabulous and is working with us to put on an event with a difference for Meet at Last guests. Helen will put on an entertaining workshop on wine so that guests will leave knowing their chardonnay's from the pinots and reds from their roses. There will also be some funny anecdotal confidence boosting tips on how to 'show off' at the same time...The comedienne with years of practice at wine tasting will be passing on her knowledge, and first hand experience, in a light hearted "hands on" work shop to show people who think they don't know much about wine how to get full enjoyment and appreciation from drinking the stuff.

Not to be missed and places limited to 30 for wine tasting - it's going to be a very popular night, book early!
Join at 7.30pm for the fabulous wine tasting & light buffet with Helen until 9pm. Stay til midnight for the Party Night with DJ, dance floor and great new people to meet. Date Saturday 21st July 2007
Dress Code Dress to impress - it's a party!
Age Range over 30s
No of People up to 30 for wine tasting - 100+ for Party Night
Price £40.00 advance inc welcome drink and wine tasting
£25 Party Night only

Saturday, July 07, 2007

LONDON remembers 7/7

We apologize for the delay (article written and published in 7-7, 2006).

As one of the thousands of Londoners who uses public transport, I often complain for the delays, passenger acts and signal failures. After all, they all result in delaying my journey in the capital. And for the not so humble amount of 85 pounds that I pay for a zone 1 and 2 pass, I deserve a better treatment. And respect.

Ladies and gents, we will remain for a few seconds on this (Bond street) platform, I have been informed that some of the lines are closed because of a power search, said our driver on the 7th of July, 2005, nearly at 9.20 in the morning. I was one of the lucky ones, I thought. After an early pilates class in a central London gym, I was heading back to work from home that day. Central line to Bond street, then Jubilee North to West Hampstead. A few minutes later the train was on its way to Baker street. There again we had to remain on the platform for the same reason. Well, not for long. All of sudden an emergency exit operation was in force and a loud voice was saying: please evacuate the station now. Not again, I mumbled. Every day. The same delays, the same problems. And I blamed, the chancellor, Gordon Brown and its cabinet. He wants to save Africa, why not the London Underground first? A smartly dressed gentleman was swearing bad words for the same reason. At the end we all evacuated Baker street station. On my way out I saw that all lines were closed on the LU board. And I jumped on the first bus I saw.

When I got off, I overheard passengers saying that now even the buses have been stopped, not only the London Underground. Something terrible must have happened. I didn’t care. That’s life in the city, I thought. Back in my flat, I saw that the red message button of my phone was blinking. I pressed to hear and surprisingly enough the voice of a friend who works for a major British corporation abroad. I hope you are fine, give me a call when you come back. Of course I was fine, nothing had happened, just bad management of the London transport.

As I was curious, I started my computer and immediately I went online to check the London for Transport website to find out what had happened.

The site was down.

That was the first time I thought myself that maybe the situation was serious. I decided to turn on the TV for live news.


Images of the blown up bus without the top
People walking, running or crying
The grim faces of the reporters
Sad voices of television presenters in charge of covering the event.

That day, the delay was inevitable. For a few unlucky ones, it lasted for ever. They won’t use the public transport again, not because they found other means but because they died that day.

From that day, I stopped complaining. After all, I was one of the lucky ones. I remained alive.

Monday, July 02, 2007

London events

London does not celebrate the 4th of July but there are a number of events to attend this month!

The Women’s International Networking
London “Mobilizing Women” event July 5

Location: IBM UK Limited, 76/78 Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PZ
Time: 18.30-21.00

Join women living and working in the UK on July 5th to network and to become part of W.I.N.’s “Mobilizing Women” 2007 discussion tour. You are guaranteed a lively, varied and interactive evening.

W.I.N.’s mission is to inspire women worldwide and to develop, empower and connect female leaders. We are coming to London to listen: to listen and to learn more about the needs and aspirations of women living and working in the UK, to understand the local issues related to diversity, leadership, and the future. We will also introduce you to the W.I.N. Global Leadership Forum to be held in Oslo in September. The event is one of the leading and most innovative voices in the world on issues relating to feminine leadership and women working internationally. To find out for about W.I.N. Global Leadership Forum please visit our website

Mosaic Masquerade party
The party will take place on Saturday 21st of July from 8pm til late on the 8th floor at the Penthouse, 1 Leicester Square.
Dress code: smart with mask! Entry fee: 20 pounds and a free welcome drink before 9:30pm
RSVP by 16th july.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I visited the Asphalt Green health center in Upper East Side and I tried the toning ball pilates. Visit for more information. This is a non-profit health center for everyone!

Score card

Facilities: 7/10
Due to renovations to various sections of this massive health center that almost covers a block or two in Upper East Side, it may look messy. The pilates class was on the fifth floor but the changing room was on the first. You need a locker but towels are given for free. I will give 10/10 for the amazing view of the fifth floor: facing the river and the blue sky, another reason to work out.

Variety of classes: 10/10
Plenty of classes to choose from: Total body training, various yoga types and pilates classes to cycling, total body tune-up and latin jazz aerobics. But this is not all. The center offers adult aquatics classes and plenty of programs for kids. An excellent choice for the whole family, if you live in the neighborhood.

Rate of difficulty: 8/10
The Toning ball pilates seemed easy in the beginning. I also felt that it was similar to the pilates with the ball. However, I was rather wrong. It wasn’t the most challenging pilates class but difficult enough. You had to fit the two small in size but relatively heavy balls in various parts of your lower and upper body while following the pilates movements and also maintain your balance. That wasn’t easy. At the end, I felt exercised and my legs were burning. Not bad for a 50-minute class. I wouldn’t mind going back to re-take it.


New York

Where and When:
Centerpoint Yoga Studio
324 Lafayette, 7th floor, New York, New York Saturday, June 30th, 12:00PM-3:00PM
Cost: $95

Urban Goddess Renewal
A juicy afternoon retreat dedicated to celebrating beauty, passion and pleasure. Come explore and heal the blocks which prevent you from embracing your own beauty. Connect with the energy of Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele to ignite your own inner flame and radiate like the gorgeous goddess you truly are. You e will enjoy beautifying raw cuisine (including raw chocolate!) goddess inspired yoga, booty shaking, and goddess goody bags filled with sensual treats to tease the senses. You will leave feeling ripe, juicy, fabulously feminine and ready to radiate beauty on your own terms!


The next monthly mosaic drinks will exceptionally be on Wednesday 4th July, from 19:30 onwards, at Stanza (newly refurbished teatro), 93-107 Shaftsbury Avenue, Soho

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Yorkers and time

I often ask myself what bugs me mostly in New Yorkers. Is it their rudeness, their naivety, their snobbishness or just lack of class? After serious thinking and self-reflexion, I realized that the only thing that really bugs me - a lot - is the fact that New Yorkers do not have a sense of time. As if they don’t want to grow up.

Being a guest of various parties in the Big Apple, I often face the inevitable. I can’t tell people’s age. Every single human being residing in NYC, is dressed pretty much in the same way: pair of jeans, tee-shirt, sneakers or flats. A few exceptions will be women’s flowery dresses in numerous venues but rather the cheap choice: Gap/Banana Republic/Urban outfitters etc. Is that a sign that they don’t want to grow up and move to the next level of adulthood? Maybe it’s their financial situation that does not allow them to buy designers or slightly more expensive outfits. In any case, the outcome is that everybody looks the same: new world second-life avatars in real time.

After the clothes, which is the physical indication of the “I don’t want to grow up process”, comes the lifestyle. Is it acceptable, if not normal, for all of them, citizens of NYC to have the same lifestyle? To do, at 45, the same things you were doing at 25 and 35? Aren’t all of them tired of the parties and gallery openings, same kind of clubs and restaurants, same taste for food even? Don’t they want to do something different, to experience new things, the pleasures of each decade or age? To my eyes, a 75-year old should spend some time with his grand-children in the park, not being drunk (or stoned) in Upper East Side parties late at night. “But this is how I remain young” a male in his late 40s told me the other week. “I want to socialize with young people and have fun”.

I am not against it. I never supported the view that you should stay in and watch TV at a later age. But respecting your age and what it comes with it, it’s not only growing-up. It’s accept yourself as a decent human being who has a variety of tastes, changeable with time. You may not watch boring TV but sharing an in-house cooked meal with the closest few friends that you thoroughly enjoy, is a gracious choice. Maybe not for a 25-year old but definitely for a someone who is approaching retirement.

But I said it. New Yorkers don’t like time and ageing. Stopping the time with the same pair of jeans, or tee-shirts might be a viable and cheap option. After all, botox will not be necessary– they will never age.



Free Mini-Facial and Fly Solo Book Signing Party at Jurlique When: Thursday, June 28th 6:30–8:30pm
Where: Jurlique Store and Day Spa 477 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022
Why: Inspire your inner Diva and rejuvenate your outer Diva at this Jurilque event!
Price: Free!!!
RSVP by calling the Jurlique store at: (212)-752-1980

Attend a book-signing party for the great new book Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel… Join us and Teresa Rodriguez Rodriguez Williamson, authoress of the book, at Jurlique boutique on Thursday, June 28th, 6:30–8.30 pm. Guests can buy a copy of her book and get a mini-facial for FREE. Light snacks will be served. And we’ll be raffling off amazing skincare products.


Event Name: Pitstop riverside networking event
When: 6:30 PM, Monday 25 June 2007
Where: United Kingdom
The Bell & Crown, 11-13 Thames Road, Strand on the Green, Chiswick, London W4 3PL
3 minutes walk from Kew Bridge. Nearest tube: Gunnersbury

Event Name: inspired media - adobe
When: 6:00 PM, Tuesday 26 June 2007
Where: United Kingdom
In an effort to mix the best British traditions of the Pub and Film, Adobe is pleased to invite you to join us for some 'first hand insights' from leading industry creatives. There will be networking and drinks! Who should attend? Anyone who wants to learn more about Industry standard digital imaging and video tools - featuring the full Adobe Product range. Creative experts will share how they make show packages, promos, music videos, DVD reels as well as their film compositing and editing techniques.
6.00pm - 7.00pm: Registration and networking
7.00pm - 8.15pm: Presentation by Spencer Friend and Reuben Sutherland followed by Q&A
8.15pm: Drinks and networking
9.30pm: Close.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I had my very first ballet class. I visited the Gold’s gym Visit the website for various locations

Score card

Facilities: 8/10

The gym (I visited the one on Broadway and 7th Avenue), was a three-store gym with plenty of space, exercise classes and training machines. The changing room was clean and relatively spacious, towels were given for free and you had plenty of shower gel, mouthwash and hand cream for the after-class grooming! You need to have a locker. There is also a juice bar if you crave an energy smoothie.

Variety of classes: 9/10

Plenty of classes to choose from: From Cardio Kick Ass and Body Sculpt, to Gliding, Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Belly Dance and lots more!

Rate of difficulty: 9/10

The 60-minute ballet barre class was my very first one. And I have to admit, it was challenging. First, because ballet is not an easy exercise. Second, because you need to know the positions and movements, all of them in French. After a few plies, ecartes and effaces, your legs will start burning. If you practise pilates, you will find some of the movements easy or at least, familiar. But overall, it is an extremely difficult exercise, that requires balance, stamina and grace. Not to mention that it will be a good refresher for your French!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Events in New York and London

New York

Have a complimentary tall, iced coffee from Starbucks tomorrow June 6th between 10 am and noon - Visit any Starbucks in New York metropolitan area and enjoy!


Chocolate Tasting
When: 6:00 PM, Wednesday 6 June 2007
Demarquette - Fine Chocolates, 285 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9PZ
Meet at Last's first Chocolate Tasting evening...Meet at Last invite you to discover London's finest hand-made chocolate creations by British chocolatier Marc Demarquette.At Demarquette we pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality chocolate, which we hand make using traditional artisan techniques in our West London Chocolaterie. Our chocolate is created for one thing: pleasure, and it will bring a touch of it to any occasion. Spice up your after dinner chocolates with your corporate logo, or really remind your wedding guests of the occasion with a unique flavour created just for you. Our delicious selection of hand-made chocolates, from classic favourites to exotic treats, are all made from only the finest ingredients money can buy. Join us for an evening with a difference in one of London's finest chocolaterie
* introductory talk
* chocolate tasting
* reception drinks
* goodie bag
* talk from fabulous chocolatier Marc Demarquette
Price £35.00

Prospective Members Drinks - Phoenix Artist ClubWhen: 6:30 PM, Thursday 7 June 2007Where: United KingdomThe Phoenix Artist Club, 1 Phoenix Street, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT
Nearest Tube : Tottenham Court Road Opposite Blackwells Bookstore & next to Phoenix TheatreJoin LTRC at the Phoenix Artist Club for some drinks and general socialising with a mixture of members and prospective members some of whom may be looking to join LTRC on the night.
You can read about the event and register to attend here:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I had my very first 90-minute pilates class. It was enjoyable and actually very quick. I visited the Manhattan Plaza Health Club.


482 West 43th street at Tenth Ave web:

Score card

Facilities: 7/10.

Limited facilities for a gym with such a fancy name! It is admittedly a large health center with a 75-foot atrium swimming pool with sundeck, cardio equipment and various exercise classes. As I arrived early, I explored the center but I found myself lost somewhere on the deck and couldn’t go back. Luckily, I met someone who helped me find my way back to the exercise room. The women’s changing room was clean but small, you have to pay $1 for a towel (something I consistently refuse to do) and you need to have your own locker.

Variety of classes: 9/10

There are 80 fitness classes per week so there is plenty of choice: From Power Cardio Sculpt to Theatre Jazz, Sharqui Belly Dance, Power Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Bosu Bar/Glide, Core Power, Spinning, Express Abs, Alexander Technique, Funky Aerobics and many more!

Rate of difficulty: 6/10

The 90-minute pilates mat class wasn’t particularly challenging for a pilates addict. It was more of a stretch class with pilates elements. The pace was slow so were the movements. I felt relaxed at the end and I didn’t realize how the time flew so quickly. It was a good class for a Sunday morning. I just wonder how I will be feeling tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Humid and hot New York

New York is particularly hot and humid these days. But I won't say much against it, for a change! I actually like it. I like it a lot. I have always liked summer. The combination of the heat, blue sky, strong sun and the humidity or dryness (depending on where you live) have never been a problem to me. On the contrary, this is what it feels "home". Snow, cold, and negative degree temperatures is my nightmare. The marriage of the heat and the humidity is for some people almost suicidal but not for me. I don't see any problem and when you feel a little bit warmer, there will be an out-of-the blue thunderstorm that will bring freshness. On the ground and in the heart.

London has become hot and humid recently as well. The last three summers, the weather was really nice (to my standards at least). Warm and humid weather for almost five weeks non-stop, that is news for London weather! There is always a certain degree of unpredictability but this is what makes London an interesting city to be.

Weather wise, I definitely prefer New York in the summer, London in the winter and the spring. I can't find perfection anywhere 365 days a year!


New York

Enjoy breathtaking sights of the Manhattan Skyline as we cruise around this gorgeous harbor. Let the movement of the water inspire you and the music keep you going as you dance the night away aboard our luxurious 143 Foot Yacht.Event Includes:• 1 FREE drink with ticket purchase• Live DJ entertainment• 2 cash bars• Dance floor• Beer and drink specials• 2 hour harbor cruise• Sun Deck with two fully enclosed, climate controlled decks Schedule For the Evening:• Boarding at 9:00pm• Sail at 9:30pm• Return at 11:30pm
COST: $32 prepaid


Good Design Can Change The World!

Come and see inspiring design in fashion, jewellery and interiors from London's hottest designers as part of London Sustainability Weeks. The ethical products in this exciting showcase are easy on the eye and easy on the environment and are for sale to the public. Designers include: Madeleine Boulesteix, Emma D'Arcey, Seraglia, Ryan Frank, Fiona Wright, Pieces of You, Fisher-Garcia, Spinifex, One Slice, She who needs Beads, Jo-anne Wolf, Doug Harper Furniture, Hetty Rose Limited, Rosie Weisencrantz.
Start Date
End Date
(8th June) 11am - 6pm (9th June) 11am - 5pm
The Fashion and Textile Museum, 83 Bermondsey Street, London (
The Eco Design Network
Contact Person
Contact Telephone
0208 522 5700
Contact email
Website address

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



Tonight, May 16th: Samsung & Sejong Present: An evening of classical chamber music performed by the International Sejong Soloists, a conductor-less string ensemble comprised of today’s leading young soloists.

The Samsung Experience, Time Warner Center, at Columbus Circle10 Columbus Circle, 3rd fl 8th Ave

May 17th: Americas Society

Review 74 - Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora Writing and Arts

Please join us for the concluding program of “Islands, Rimlands, Heartlands,” a celebration of a special Caribbean issue of Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas, featuring comments and presentations by Editor Daniel Shapiro; Guest Academic Editor Silvio Torres-Saillant (Syracuse University); Dominican poet Rhina Espaillat; and literary critic and poet Edward Baugh (University of the West Indies).

Reception to follow.

Thursday May 17 at 7 PM

680 Park Avenue at 68th Street, New York
Free admission


When: 8:00 PM, Saturday 26 May 2007
Where: United Kingdom
The Conservatory Bar, The Montague Hotel, 15 Montague Street, Bloomsbury, LondonWC1B 5BJ

Join us in the fabulous Conservatory Bar at The Montague Hotel in Russell Square for our Drinks & Mingling Party. As usual it is going to be a relaxed and fun evening meeting new people in elegant surroundings. We have the Conservatory Bar for 30 but can also spill out into the main bar if it gets busier than that.

Date Saturday 26th May 2007
Time 20:00
Venue The Montague Dress Code Dress to Impress
Age Range over 30s
Price £20.00 inc welcome drink

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I had my very first and probably last experience with the latest celebrity-frenzy-mania: Budokon. Well, I didn’t like it. As expected, it was a combination of yoga and martial arts with a dash of meditation. Not a big surprise for yoga junkies nor for martial arts funs. I don’t belong to any of the above categories so I was seriously challenged. The yoga movements have to be quick, the martial arts even faster. In a way, you are pretty much forced to fly on the air! Not a nice experience, not my cup of tea anyway.

The gym I did it was the Broadway at 19th street Equinox

897 Broadway, New York, 10003, tel: 212 780 9300, web:

Score card

Facilities: 10/10.
A massive four-store building can satisfy all your exercise needs. A floor with cardio machines, another one for weight and strength exercise, two studios, sauna room, and plenty of machines and stretching areas. There is also a café and a store to buy the latest gym fashion clothes! The changing rooms are clean, towels are free, there are water fountains everywhere and plenty of beauty products to use in the shower room/bathrooms! An excellent place to get fit. The only downsize: there are far too many people and because of its size, it’s very easy to be disorientated (or lost).

Variety of classes: 10/10
There are plenty of classes to pick and choose: Budokon, ashtanga and anusara yoga, pilates, cardio kickbox, circulation, pure strength and also the funny named Brazilian butt lift class!

Rate of difficulty: 10/10
I would say that it is extremely difficult to master Budokon. Maybe because I was really sore from the Pure Strength class I took the previous day, I couldn’t “operate” very well in the studio. The first half an hour we were on the floor pretending to do a type of fast yoga and the second half it was purely boxing techniques. Yes, I now think much higher of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. They must be very motivated or simply insane!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A New Yorker - Anderson Cooper

The first time I saw Anderson Cooper on CNN I was really pissed off. I was living in London and his show, AC 360 was not normally broadcasted on CNN International. Waiting for my favorite news anchors to appear at midnight (live from Hong Kong), I all of a sudden saw a presenter from Atlanta saying that "now, you will be watching AC 360 live from Darfur with Anderson Cooper". Then I saw a grey-haired man who looked young but mysteriously old too. Trying to describe the situation/crisis in Darfur while interviewing children, he gave the impression that he was fully committed, in the moment, there in Africa. "What's his problem?" I wondered. Why a young reporter leaves USA and travels to Africa to interview half-dead children? Doesn't he have a life?

Apparently not. A few months later, as a guest on Larry King Live promoting his book "Dispatches from the Edge", he blatantly admitted that he become a war correspondent to get a share of world's pain, unhappiness and misery. A way to feel in full his own. Well, after all, my initial thoughts were justified. He didn't have a happy life.

I met Anderson Cooper last night at Borders when he did a book signing. The line was long (the second longest line for a book signing I was in - with first being Hilary Clinton's) but he and us, the readers, were all very patient. He was modest, shy and gentle. Someone who became so successful as a reporter because he is real, honest and bold, because he participates in pain. War zones reporting is not just a job for him, it's a calling.

Anderson Copper, Dispatches from the Edge, Harper and Collins.

Monday, May 07, 2007

May everywhere

May has always been my favorite month. The weather is warm enough - it's almost summer but not really there. The flowers blossom and smell wonderfully when you walk on the streets or parks. People are happier, smile more often, drink iced coffee. Heavy cashmere sweaters have been replaced by flowery t-shirts and skirts, bright flip-flops and shades. What else can you possibly ask? That's a child's or adult's definition of happiness.

New York is busy as always but definitely more attractive. Even New Yorkers are less rude. As if the pink and green colors of the Cherries have transformed them completely. More pleasant to walk around, sip frozen margaritas or cold White Zinfandel and read the New York Times to boost your brain. London is equally attractive. Walks across South Bank, a must-do stop at the Borough Market and the very famous Monmouth cafe for the iced latte and some Pims during the evening.

Undoubtedly though, the most beautiful city in May is Paris. Paris is magic in May. I can't even describe it. So pretty and romantic, fresh and scented, green and colorful, make me think of Proust, his madeleines and his definition of happiness. If you haven't been in Paris in May, try it this year. It's an experience.



Anderson Cooper, discussion and book signing, Dispatches from the Edge, Borders Bookstore, Time and Warner Building.
Wednesday, 5/9 at 6.30 PM

Party for BKLYN Designs Friday, May 11, 8-10:30pm BKLYN Designs ( , the three-day long design show, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and DWR is thrilled to host a party on the opening day. As part of BKLYN Designs, Pratt College's Industrial Design students will display their work, which will be judged by a jury of design editors. The winner will receive a $200 DWR gift certificate and the five best entries will be on display at the Brooklyn Heights Studio for a month following the event. Join us for an evening celebrating local design and sip cocktails from Hanger One vodka or enjoy a chilled swing-top from Grolsch.
RSVP to 718.875.1000 ext 146 by May 10.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I took my exercise regimen to the next level by visiting the Physique 57 studio in mid-town Manhattan and experiencing the Lotte Berk-inspired method. The full-body workout lasts 57 minutes but it’s enough to feel exercised and toned up. Each class is structured around fast-paced rounds of free weights for warm-up, the ballet barre and mat work. An abundance of plies, leg extensions, stretching and a lot of pain will accompany you during those 57 minutes together with some music while looking at the studio’s skylit ceiling – the only consolation!

24 West 57th Street, Suite 805

Score card

Facilities: 8/10.

A small-sized studio in mid-town Manhattan does not offer a large space. A nice reception with magazines and green apples will welcome you – if you only you knew what is expected from you! The changing room is tiny with some lockers and only two shower rooms. Towels are provided free of charge but not the bottle of water ($2)

Variety of classes:8/10

It’s a specialized studio therefore there are only Physique 57 classes but of various levels: Beginner, Open, Mixed, Advanced and Intense. There are also two mat pilates classes a week, a Prenatal Physique class and private training sessions.

Rate of difficulty: 10/10

I don’t think I have ever tried a more challenging class than the Physique 57. I chose the Open level which was relatively more advanced compared to Beginners. The warm-up wasn't too bad but after we moved to the ballet barre, I felt the pain in my legs. The alternation of plies and leg work, the push-ups, abdominal work and stretching gave a nice but non the less exhausting and intense pace to the whole workout experience. My body was definitely toned up the following day but the signs of pain kept me company for a couple of days. I now think much higher of ballerinas.

EVENTS in New York

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and The New York Enterprise Report invite you to the 2007 Marketing Expo and Luncheon featuring marketing guru John Jantsch

Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 9:00am - 2:30pm, Grand Prospect Hall, Brooklyn, NY
This highly anticipated event will feature a keynote address by John Jantsch, renowned marketing expert, award winning blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing - The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. Find new resources, make contacts and interact with dozens of exhibitors at the Expo.

Cost to attend:
Expo Only: $25, Expo & Luncheon: $50 (Brooklyn Chamber members), Expo & Luncheon: $75 (Non-members)
For more information, visit: lendar/current/338.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Last minute events for New York City

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

The Council’s signature Workspace artist residency has now been expanded into a 9-month program in two locations, serving a diverse group of 30 emerging artists at one time. Starting with a party from 6-10PM on Friday, April 27, the Council will open both studio spaces to the public for only the second time since the session began in September. Artists and writers will show work created while in-residence through open hours at the studios, a Saturday night screening, and a Sunday night “Open Texts” reading and performance.
All events are FREE and OPEN to the public. RSVP is required for all events.

Friday, April 27, 6-10PM Opening receptions @ 120 Broadway, 8th Floor + 200 Hudson Street, 4th Floor

Saturday, April 28, 1-6PM1-6PM – 120 Broadway, 8th Floor + 200 Hudson Street, 4th Floor open to the public.

3-4PM – An Offbeat Walking Tour with Robert Kaufman:Departs from 200 Hudson Street and arrives at 120 Broadway. (Space is limited, RSVP early.)

5PM – Screening @ 120 Broadway, 8th Floor featuring Michelle Handelman, Jillian McDonald, Klaus Schafler and Mary Ellen Strom.

Sunday, April 29, 1-6PM1-6PM – 120 Broadway, 8th Floor + 200 Hudson Street, 4th Floor open to the public.

4-5PM – Open Texts: Poetry, Fiction, and Performance from writers-in-residence Jill Magi (with Jonny Farrow, musician/sound artist) and Ranbir Sidhu @ 200 Hudson Street, 4th Floor.

Upper West Fest kicks off this Saturday!
The second annual Upper West Fest, to be held from April 28-May 20, 2007, is a festival whose purpose is to showcase the Upper West Side as a vital cultural destination. Led by Symphony Space, more than 20 cultural and arts organizations will collaborate to present over 50 performances and exhibitions. Highlights include Symphony Space’s free 12-hour Wall to Wall Opera marathon, the NY Yiddish Film Festival hosted by the Jewish Community Center, renowned musicians performing at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the 4th Annual Mamapalooza Outdoor Extravaganza in Riverside Park.

Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour
Friday, April 27 to Monday April 30, 1pm-6pm
The TOAST route extends from just above Canal Street to Murray Street, and from Washington Street to Lafayette Street. Before you go on the tour, you will be able to preview the artwork and web sites of participants, and obtain a map, through this website or at some of the venues listed below. While on the tour, you can also enjoy the many art spaces and restaurants in this historic neighborhood, and take advantage of a number of special events and programs.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grocery Shopping in New York

In New York City, grocery shopping is a challenge. And not a nice one. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of space and super markers are so tiny, narrow and small. Or because NYC legislation forbids liquor sales in super markets with the exception of beer. And, despite the abundance of delis, small corner stores and organic shops (really trendy all over the world these days), the truth is that grocery shopping in NYC is a bit of a pain. The reason being: not able to find EVERYTHING in one place that is affordable that will also involve wine! That’s impossible.

I miss London (and many other cities worldwide) where I could go to my local super market which was pretty big and had everything: from non-organic tomatoes, milk and turkey to organic options of the same products for the sensitive, health freaks or vegetarians, to wine from New Zealand and Australia. Don’t get me started with New York. If I want to buy wine, I have first to visit the wine store, then drop in to Whole Foods for the plain soy yogurt (a product that only exists in WF to my knowledge) and a few other products I like and I am prepared to pay for. Then, if I opt for fair trade produce and also affordable options, I will move to Trader Joe’s. Here things are nice but nice are the long lines you have to face – always have a book with you to spend the 20-minute line. You can also start chatting to the person in front or behind you – always open and generous to share their secret experiences among the aisles of the store. To finish off my shopping, I would wait until Saturday for a quick visit in the Union Square market for fresh veggies and fruit and yes, I am done for my weekly shopping!

A friend of mine recently asked me: Why you don’t buy everything in Whole Foods that sells your favorite soy yogurt? Well, because even if I think it’s a healthy choice, it’s also overpriced. So, full weekly shopping at WF means thinner bank account at a very fast pace. Grocery shopping is an interesting and challening experience not only for me but for every single New Yorker. Recently my roommate was complaining for the same problem. The good news is that you walk a lot, visit various stores, check prices and chat to unknown New Yorkers while waiting in line. At the end, you end up making new friends or applying for a job in a nice organic store.


New York

Don’t miss Billion Dollar Babes event this coming weekend in New York
CHAMPAGNE AND SUSHI TO CELEBRATE OUR FIRST 3-DAY SALE + SUNDAY SHOPPING, PLUS... Complimentary makeovers from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Mini Facials by Peter Thomas Roth and hairstyling by New York’s Cutler Salon. Hachette will be giving away audio books The Debutante Divorcee and Lipstick Jungle to the first 500 babes daily. And… guests can chill out at the hosted open bar courtesy of Pink sparkling wine, Izze sparkling juice and low-cal favorite Amstel Light. New “Deliciously Zen” yushi restaurant will be selling sushi lunch packs onsite to combat those shopping sugar lows as well as samplings from Sanctuary Tea and Dove Chocolates. Fashionistas Alert: merchandise will continually be replenished through the entire three day sale.
RSVP at:

The Altman Building135 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)New York, NY 10011

An invitation from the Mayor
Our latest Annual London Survey shows that Londoners are seeing more police in their neighbourhoods this year compared to last. Tackling affordable housing and property prices in the capital are now Londoners' top priorities for improving the city, and concern about climate change and energy conservation is increasing.
The State of London Debate is your chance to discuss with London’s policy makers what you think is best about London and what you think needs improving.
Date: Saturday 12 May 2007Time: 10am to 4.45pmLocation: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and Central Hall Westminster