Monday, October 22, 2007

The evening of the seven "events"

Attending a number of events each week, is pretty much the best of my habits. An event, in my personal, rather strict definition, is a happening that has to involve alcohol. Otherwise, it is not an event. I avoid the term party because party is far more specific. Last Thursday, I had invitations for seven "events" starting from 4pm. Attending seven events in one night is too much to ask and do but I decided to compete with myself: Will I have the energy to go to all of those?

I started at 4pm. It was a food tasting function that, unfortunately, didn't involve any alcohol (so it wasn't an event to my definition). The food was excellent, the people were happy and the demonstrators happier because they were selling! What else someone can ask? At around 5pm I arrived at my second venue, well-known department store for a champagne, chocolate and shopping evening. I admit that I didn't buy anything despite the 20% discount (but I had shopped the previous day, that's why I was invited in the first place). I had champagne and I tasted the delicious Godiva chocolates, I spied on the ladies and the latest fashion trends and off I was to my next event! I successfully missed event number 3 because it was happening simultaneously with the second event (I can't be in two places at the same time, at least not in this physical world, maybe in the movies). I arrived around 6ish at a Chelsea Gallery opening for which I had received an invitation although the opening was a free public event (if you knew it). Three glasses of champagnes to follow, cheese and grapes and very bad art (in my modest, non-artistic opinion) allowed me to wonder in the building and view other shows. Then I started thinking: where should I go next? It was 7.15pm and I had plenty of time for events 7 and 8 but the event 6 had already started. I didn't want to go. I was in a similar event last month and I found it interesting but also boring. So I skipped this one. On my way to the subway to event 7, I saw a long line in front of a Chelsea building. I decided to go and have a look and as the line was moving fast, I entered the space. It was the party!!! Two more glasses of wine, more cheese and nuts, a free T-shirt and a photo book and I was all set for the night. The time was nearly 8pm and I had to run for my "initial" event 7. And this is what I did. I missed the first 15 minutes but they started late anyway. This intellectual event gave me some momentum but it also added two more glasses of wine in my stomach with some fresh fruit.

I had decided to skip the final, number 8 event in the Lower East Side. I was in the Upper West and I felt that it was too far, and I was too drunk to go. After all, the unexpected Flickr party replaced one of the programed events so I did well on Thursday night.

Total: 5 events
Alcohol: 4 glasses of champagne and 4 glasses of white wine
Food: samples, chocolate, cheese (a lot), fruit, nuts and some snacks
State of mind: joyful and blurry
Will I do it again? Yes



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Anonymous said...

I thought only English people drank a lot of alcohol, you drink more than me! A very successful evening, especially if all the drinks were free. Well done.