Monday, February 24, 2014

The Better Chip Chipotle and Beet Chips

If you didn’t know that today is National Tortilla Chip Day,  you just found out.  

The BetterChip Company known for its motto Better Chip from the Inside Out  honors the day with the launch of two distinctive flavors: the Chipotle and the Beet chip. The Better Chip Beet chips and the Better Chip Chipotle chips are available nationwide in more than 10,000 grocery stores.

The Chipotle chips are described as rich, with a smoky flavor and a warm heat. Red-ripened jalapeno peppers are smoked over wood chips to create the chipotle pepper, then are crushed and cooked into whole grain corn masa. Eat them with bean dip, guacamole and with spreadable cheese and slice of salami.

The Beet chips are simple, bold and bright and are made with fresh beets straight from the field that are cleaned, chopped and cooked into every batch. Pair nicely with hummus, goat cheese and Greek yogurt dip.

Both products are gluten free, cholesterol free and non-GMO verified and suitable for vegans. Each serving has on average 150 calories.

For a guilt-free evening, pour your favorite wine and grab a bowl of Beet and Chipotle chips, a few slices of cheese and you are all set. Cheers!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Café Presse - Seattle Discoveries

Hot chocolate, cream and the creamy cup of yogurt at the back

It wouldn't be a better place to spend a rainy and windy afternoon. The Café Presse knows to host hungry for good coffee or chocolat chaud. The cappuccino may not be the most impressive one but the chocolat chaud comes in two separate cups: one with the hot chocolate, the other has the cream. Blend them together or just take a bite of the cream, then dive it into the chocolate cup. Either way it's pure indulgence. 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

220&Change party -Seattle

It was a fun, vibrant and well-organized event. Held at 220 2nd Avenue S, the 220&Change space hosted over hundred guests from the Pioneer Square neighborhood and elsewhere. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the building and what it has to offer.

On the fourth floor, the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, other known as BGI making a brand new debut that was well received with plenty of Finnriver Cider and Pinkabella Cupcakes.

Seahawks colored popcorn!

On the third floor, daring guests could tailgate before the Big Game with Hilliard's Beer and Altstadt Pretzels while learning more about the Social Venture Partners.

On the second floor, the Impact Hub offered Sake and Intrigue Chocolates while explaining what their mission is: all about a community "hub" and shared work space for purpose-driven ventures.

The first floor, an Impact Hub space, was open to Proletariat Wine, Ninkasi Brewing and some cocktails together with tastes from local restaurants, La Bodega and also Dry Soda.

Between tailgating, touring the space and tasting sample foods, I can say with no doubt that the space is awesome with inspiring people, social-driven ideas and a lot more!