Monday, June 11, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I had my very first ballet class. I visited the Gold’s gym Visit the website for various locations

Score card

Facilities: 8/10

The gym (I visited the one on Broadway and 7th Avenue), was a three-store gym with plenty of space, exercise classes and training machines. The changing room was clean and relatively spacious, towels were given for free and you had plenty of shower gel, mouthwash and hand cream for the after-class grooming! You need to have a locker. There is also a juice bar if you crave an energy smoothie.

Variety of classes: 9/10

Plenty of classes to choose from: From Cardio Kick Ass and Body Sculpt, to Gliding, Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Belly Dance and lots more!

Rate of difficulty: 9/10

The 60-minute ballet barre class was my very first one. And I have to admit, it was challenging. First, because ballet is not an easy exercise. Second, because you need to know the positions and movements, all of them in French. After a few plies, ecartes and effaces, your legs will start burning. If you practise pilates, you will find some of the movements easy or at least, familiar. But overall, it is an extremely difficult exercise, that requires balance, stamina and grace. Not to mention that it will be a good refresher for your French!