Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 4 top tips for a successful event ---Everywhere in the West

Well, certain things are self-explanatory, but I still believe that all the four following should be included. At least today. I may come up with more ideas next week!

1. Booze
If there is no alcohol, there is no event. An event is named as such because there is booze. Otherwise, it would be something else like going to school or to the church. Not only should you include alcoholic beverages, but in large amounts! And of a good quality. Champagne indicates luxury and wealth (very London, less New York), wine tells that people are more sophisticated (London and New York but also international) and beer translates as a funky event but also cheap. Cocktails are often offered in women's related or targeted events so they are kind of girly. So don't be afraid to serve alcohol. In large portions....

2. Grapes
I don't know why grapes are everywhere these days in New York City, but I have the feeling that they are an indispensable event success element. There is something about them. They are sweet, have different colors and are fresh. The old days I only had grapes in August and September (yes, I am from the Mediterranean), but it seems that tradition changes and you can get grapes throughout the year. Have some in your event. They are lovely!

3. People
If there are no people, why you are planning the event in the first place? Only for yourself? Although some events are very posh and exclusive and target the very few who belong into those categories, most of them do want to attract as many human beings as possible. It's a good choice. With no human souls, there is no life, no fun, no event. Just invite them. All! They will come.

4. Theme
It would be nice to have a "theme" for your event. I am not talking about boring conferences on the role of slashes and tags in programing (only computer geeks will appreciate) or the importance of organizing your spreadsheets (this might actually be helpful to know). Have a theme based on which your event will be created. The more specific you are, the better you can market your event. A few good examples would be: Designer bag shopping, networking event for non-fiction editors, dark chocolate making, wellness foods, green tea tasting, gallery opening, romantic novel book signing, etc. Then based on the "theme", you can add some more attractive elements that will give your event an extra buzz. How about matching the romantic novel book signing in a cozy boutique selling vintage clothing? So, instead of doing it boringly in a bookstore, you opt for the boutique! Be thematic but also innovative.