Sunday, December 30, 2007

More parties in 2008. And fun. ---Everywhere

I was planning to finish off the Fully Booked blog for 2007 with the Gym Project. But while writing the posting, I decided to change my plan. I don't want to end this year with an exercise routine. This will come soon - in the first days of 2008 will visit you: gyms, diet, healthy life style. Today is the last day of the year, traditionally a party day. Today parties accept congratulations, and even themselves celebrate. All over the world. At different time zones and weathers. On the mountains and in the seas! This is the time!

I love going out to parties and events. I enjoy it thoroughly and this is the reason I started this blog. And why not? What is not to like in a party? Smiley people, tasty food, clean and elegant clothes, alcohol, music and maybe a good looking guy looking at you. A glass of champagne tops up the list. Always!

But, believe it or not, I feel that tonight, I will look for a quiet place to celebrate, at least at midnight. I feel that I won't miss the crowds, not just for a few hours. I even thought to join the 3-hour silence "event" at a Manhattan based yoga center. Time for reflection? Probably. Tired of the 100+ parties I attended during 2007? Absolutely!

While reflecting on my 2007 year, I have no regrets and no complains when it comes down to the party and event scene. From fashion shows, to chocolate and champagne store openings, product launches, chocolate and food shows, book readings (with wine), restaurant food tastings, designer sales, networking events, business breakfasts and fancy dinners, I went to all. And I am pleased.

I strongly desire the trend to continue in 2008. A quick glance at my freshly updated diary, confirms. Yes, at least in January, there are a few already penciled in. Fun ones. I can't wait.

And for all of you, this is my wish for 2008: Don't be afraid to celebrate. Don't be scared to have fun. Allow it for a few minutes, if not hours, daily. Life seems endless with no breaks. Give yourself a break. Instead of eating pizza in front of television, get out. Have some fun. Laugh. Dance. Be merry. Tomorrow is another day.

As for tonight, I am still thinking. The 3-hour silence "event" is tempting. But so is the champagne with canapes party in Brooklyn.

I will keep you posted! Happy New Year everyone!