Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pike Place Market Food Tour

Even for a Seattleite who is a regular at Pike Place Market, the market is still an unknown territory. So many purveyors, stalls, foods, restaurants, cafes, where you can start and end? Some aspects of it are known, others are unfamiliar.  Like the sign The market for the Producers or tiny alleys that were never followed. In an effort to explore it all, I spent nearly three hours with Leslie, our culinary tour guide of the Pike Place Market food tour organized by the Seattle Food Tours. Leslie as an insider of the Market does not only share the culinary details but also the history. We tasted gelato at Bottega Italiana, visited the DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine from a back door, met Rachel, the pig and indulged with donuts from the Daily Dozen Donut. Historic facts came along with tasty food. When the market started? When did it decline? What or who saved it? What is happening now? 

Through the buzzy storefronts to quiet side streets, freshly made chowder, Greek yogurt and crumpets with honey, you will explore unique layers of this wonderful, world-known market. The last stop was at Tom Douglas Rub Shack with a spicy salmon burger that the entire group appreciated even with a full stomach. I won’t reveal more as a personal experience of the tour is the best way to find out.

Leslie also answered the question that everybody often asks: do locals shop there? Of course they do, Leslie confirmed. But they know where to go and what time. Just avoid the weekends!

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