Monday, December 10, 2007

Top trends in the party scene this holiday season ---New York

There is a lot to be said about trends in parties, events and gifts this holiday season. When I am out and about, I keep my eyes and ears open to see, hear and feel what is going on. So far, I noticed the following top trends that will affect you and your bank account this season:

1. Champagne
It has always been our favorite primarily in New Year's Eve. This year, champagne dominates the scene. Whenever you go, whatever you do, there is bubbly. Champagne comes in all forms: Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Laurent-Perrier and Mercier are some of the most common ones. But there is also pink champagne and sparkling wine for all tastes and wallets! I also saw and experienced also, small cans of champagne with a straw - easy to drink and to carry around! Coppola's wine company offers individual cans of sparkling wine named after Sofia or in packs of four!

2. Chocolate
Another indulgence for sweet tooth individuals. Chocolate is on every table, in each event and every party. Gallery openings, launch parties, food shows, holiday shopping events and even cosmetic boutique gatherings! Who doesn't love chocolate? I know people who don't, but even them agree that they see and taste so much of it that they started to like it! I do like chocolate. But I also have to admit that New York maybe has gone overboard with it. So less might be more in this case.

3. Environment-friendly decorations
I don't know if it's Al Gore's Nobel prize or because we all love our environment but things are getting seriously green. From Christmas trees and their "wooden" ornaments, decorations, furniture to rugs and sofas - everything has to be environmental friendly. Or just to "imitate" it. I have no more comments. It's nice. Just don't overdo it.

4. No wrapping paper
Probably as a result of the trend above, no need for wrapping paper. Why killing trees when we can avoid it? But if you offer a gift unwrapped, it's like going out barefoot. Well, not really. In lieu, you put it in a cotton, re-usable bag (or tote). Which can count as a gift number two... So this season your gift is bagged!

5. Re-gifting
What is this? Do you actually understand the meaning of this word? Yes, I do. Think of all the gifts you got the previous years that still remain in their boxes or bags (because you don't like them, are from goodie bags you lost interest in etc). You can now "recycle" them. Put them in nice totes and offer them as a gift. You just save time and money. Being cheap? No, this is not a trend this season. You just support Al Gore's good causes, you recycle and you don't throw things away. Just remember to keep an inventory: what came in, what goes out and to whom! Don't regift back to the initial gift giver! That does not sound nice!