Friday, March 30, 2007

Moving around in New York City

Since I moved to New York last September, I decided not to settle down immediately. With no steady job and no emotional connection to the Big Apple, subletting seemed a viable, interesting and cheap option. A few hours or days spent on the very famous and I managed to get the very first one back in September last year. Nearly three months in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a nice one-bedroom apartment, all by myself, I am thinking now that the experience was "juicy" with plenty of stories to share: early morning noise from the warehouses in the area, “stealing” wireless Internet from someone in the neighborhood whose network name was “hot pants”, survived my first flood in the bathroom (after living on my own for 12 years!) and discovered a little mouse in the kitchen who was eating my subletor’s cookies! Not to forget that I started the nylon blog in that apartment too. The next sublet ended sharply my twelve years of bachelorette’s single life: I had a roommate and a cat! In this case, the experience was different but nonetheless fulfilling. There were no floods in the bathroom but there was a power circuit cut due probably to my overloaded use of both the blow dryer and the heater. Sheila, the cat, was cute but shedding hair all over, something I had to get used to – I still find her hair everywhere. Living with a roommate wasn’t easy but I managed to do so – he was nice and almost never there so we did not have much to share or disagree on. I will soon move out and in again. That will be sublet number three in the diary (and my blog). I have no expectations. As long as I am happy in my room, have reliable Internet connection and a peaceful street in front, I will be settled for the next three months or so. And for a change, this time, I will have two roommates and two cats! Lucky me!

Yes, I know I am moving around and pack and unpack boxes and suitcases at a pace nobody can relate to except maybe from one-year gapers or professional around-the-world travelers. And even if it is exhausting, I very deep inside me enjoy it enormously. After having lived in the same studio apartment in London for seven years and due to my itchy feet, I welcomed change. I am sure I will settle down eventually, if not in the Big Apple, somewhere else. And when that day arrives, I am sure I will miss the “hot pants” stolen wifi network or Sheila, the cat.

New York

Burgundy Wine Company
Wine WednesdaysWine & Jazz Wine Wednesdays started as an excuse to share a few wines, cheese and conversation with clients who visit the store. It's more social than serious - and very informal. It's a fun way to try before you buy - or just try. No strings attached. It's free. And if you don't think that's enough fun, we're also featuring a little jazz to jazz up your tasting. 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
The Burgundy Wine Company
143 West 26th StreetNew York, NY 10001
Phone: 212.691.9092, 888.898.8448

Swedish Beers Mobile Networking 11/4/07
When: 6:30 PM, Wednesday 11 April 2007
An informal (more or less) quarterly meet-up for folks with an interest in mobile marketing, mobile media or the technology behind it all at the Nordic Bar in London W1 on Weds 11 April from 6.30pm. We'll be in the back bar enjoying a free beer or two courtesy of our lovely sponsors Tanla Mobile
At last it's getting lighter in the evening, a fine excuse for a Swedish Beer?
So if you have a passing interest in things mobile and like to chat to other people from media, mobile, creative, tv, and marketing about where mobile fits into the bigger scheme of things, then Swedish Beers is for you. Oh, and did we mention free beer? The evening kicks off at 6.30pm on Wednesday 11 April and you'll find us at the Nordic Bar at 25 Newman St, London W1 - (nearest Tube - Goodge St, Tottenham Court Rd or Oxford Circus). The Nordic Bar's web page is at You'll find us in the back bar.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My events in New York

Although I write about New York and London and I add events taken place on daily, weekly or monthly basis, I remain silent about the events I attend, have attended or intend to go in the near future. Today I decided to speak up and talk about them – just a bit, to give the readers hints about the events I like and I stick to as a regular (guest) most of the time.

The week starting March 19th, I skipped Monday. On Tuesday, for the first time, I was a guest at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in mid-town Manhattan. The objective was, in theory, the promotion of a Taiwanese film but the real reason is the overall embellishment of the country of Taiwan. The Ambassador was clear: We want representation in major International Organizations but China does not allow us by vetoing our desires. The lecture was followed by a nice dinner just before the projection of the movie. Therefore, Taiwan and its representations abroad open up to the public by organizing a number of events everybody is welcome to attend. Next week I am invited to a book presentation at the very same place. I think I will go. I liked the environment, the people and the guests.

Event missed: Did I mention that I skipped the weekly NY astrology group the same day? We can’t do everything in this life.

Wednesday came quickly as always and I was in the Samsung experience store, in the Time and Warner Building. The third Wednesday of the month, Samsung organizes together with Sejong an evening of classical chamber music performed by the International Sejong Soloists, a conductor-less string ensemble comprised of today’s leading young soloists. The event was classic, well-performed and well presented. A nice wine and canapés reception followed and as always people had the chance to talk to the soloists and Samsung organizers (Samsung also organizes the Jazz nights, the second Wednesday of the month).

Event missed the same day: The Investor’s meetup group taken place the third Wednesday of the month. As I have access to their site, I found out that this Wednesday it was all about making money when the stock exchange goes south. Great miss I guess?

Thursday: It’s the Chelsea Galleries openings night. Yes, I am there almost every week with very few exceptions. This Thursday I decided to be late in Chelsea -art can always wait a little bit – and drop my old and heavy winter clothes on a spring cleaning occasion organized by Lulemon athletica. I dropped the bag, I got seven free gym and yoga passes as a gift to my donation (no more free gym passes please!) and I did not resist the sushi and healthy snack table offered to the guests. Tasty treats. Ready for my jump to the Chelsea galleries area, the rain caught me on my way that beautiful, warm, humid and sticky evening. I just loved it. Chelsea was busy as always with interesting and non-interesting paintings and various artistic creations. And for the first time since September (when I initiated my Chelsea visits), I saw good looking, non gay men!

Event missed the same day: I don’t know. Based on my calendar, I didn’t miss anything but I am sure I did. It’s New York after all.

No plans for tonight, Friday. I am on my way to Rhode island and Boston this weekend. I know for sure that I will miss a nice sushi party in Williamsburg tomorrow night but the Japanese cuisine can wait. I will fill the void with creamy New England clam chowder for the very first time in its country of origin.

Enjoy the weekend all, more events to follow.

New York

MobileMonday New York: 7pm - 9pm. Originally founded in Finland in 2000, MobileMondays has spread around the world through a largely grassroots effort. The open community promotes the mobile industry and welcomes all. Visit for more information. At the Samsung Experience Store, Time and Warner Building, Columbus Circle.

Event Name: Re:solution Launch all-day party with green tinge
When: 12:00 PM, Sunday 1 April 2007
Where: United Kingdom
Location: Kinetica Museum, Spitalfields Market, E1 6AA. Time: Noon-6pm (Free) 6 -11pm (6.00) Travel: Liverpool St (station/tube), Aldgate East (tube)
Launch all-day party with green tinge Sunday 1 April 2007 Noon-11.00pm. Experience an oasis of low carbon chill and high energy live music and beats at the re:solution all-day launch party, with a tasty mix of ethical fashion, art, cool tech and inspiration with a green tinge at Kinetica Museum, Spitalfields Market on Sunday 1 April 2007, 12.00 noon - 11.00pm. No kidding!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Grim London, snobbish new York

It’s raining today in New York and the sky is overcast. Although this brings back memories and similar experiences from London (weather), weather is not the only “thing” that makes these two cities so different.

“Yes, that reminds me of London”, I said to a local New Yorker yesterday. “And you liked it?” asked me in a very curious way. “Well, I didn’t like it, but I got used to it.” What’s wrong with a few clouds and constant, permanent rain? I’d rather live in a place with rain and clouds but mild temperature than in a sunny one with 10 degrees and snow on daily basis. I hate snow and the cold.

“I lived in London for a year and I didn’t like it at all” a Dutchman I met by accident in a Chelsea gallery opening told me. “It was so grim and the Brits are so negative and dull” continued. “I have been living in New York for five years and I like the people. They are so positive and have the I-can-do attitude. They think everything is possible”. He might be right. But this is his personal opinion about both London and New York. This is what he personally experienced. As a coach, I often say to my clients that there is not an objective reality. Reality is subjective and most of the times the outcome of our country of origin, culture, religion, education, life and work experiences and attitude to life. What is true for the Dutchman about London and New York, it is not definitely true for me. I experienced London as a large cosmopolitan city, full of life and vibe, with extremely high living standards, high incomes and open-minded, well-rounded people who fly during the weekends to various European destinations and also New York! London is also very advanced in spirituality and alternative medicine. Even on the technology front, I would consider Britain in general more advanced compared to at least New York State. Cell phones are cheaper, more competitive and you don’t pay for incoming phone calls. Digital television replaced the obsolete cable (still popular in the USA); that allows viewers to interact with journalists and vote live by pressing the “red button on their digital remote control”. The London Underground, undoubtedly expensive, is clean, reliable and with track timers on the platforms. Londoners buy property at the same pace New Yorkers sublet and yes, they drink more alcohol (starting at 5 pm). New York, on the other hand, is not impressive at all. It reminds me of a third world city, with an old, smelly and unreliable subway, low living standards in messy and cluttery apartments, rude and snobbish people on the streets, not particularly educated and narrow-minded, wearing the same pair of jeans on daily basis. It’s the first time in my life that I met people who are so proud not to travel (I have been living in New York for 12 years and I stayed away for only five weeks). And don’t get me started with how negative, neurotic and naïve they are. I haven’t seen a single sign of optimism in this city. On the contrary, everybody is complaining about housing (apartment rentals), the Bush Administration, the absence of nationalized health service, the low pay and their insecure future.

But then again, it’s my reality in New York. If I were Donald Trump, my opinion about the Big Apple would have been different.

Get a vibe from London. Listen to BBC radio 4 online at
I am now listening to the Death by Chocolate Show

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I visited the David Barton Gym in Chelsea. 215 W, 23rd Street, NY 10011, NY, tel: 212-414 2022

Nice neighborhood, fantastic building, polite receptionists, magnificent design and lighting, everything contributes to the luxurious experience in this rather expensive gym. I did the Pilates Core Training class on Saturday. An intermediate level class, it was real good for my back, abs and legs. I enjoyed the instructor, the exercises on the floor and the unique challenges (I actually did the class twice).

Score card

Facilities: 9/10. One huge floor with machines will make your work out enjoyable especially if you watch a rerun of Friends on individual television sets provided. There is another floor with plenty of space for free weights and an exercise room. On the third, you will find the changing room and the pilates/yoga exercise room. There are also steam rooms and a Russian bath. Towels are provided, you can check your coat for free and you will find plenty of freebies in the shower room: shampoo and conditioner (Bumble and Bumble products), shower gel and body cream, razors, coton, tissues, tampon, hair styling cream, deodorant, and mouth wash. You only need a lock for the locker. Yes, David Barton Gyms take care of their customers. Big Time!

Variety of classes: 9/10. Around 12 classes per day. There is an abundance of choice for yoga and pilates but also for spin classes and aerobics. You can pick and choose from the following: Power Training, Six-Pack Attack, Barton Biking, Ass, Arms and Abs. If you prefer pilates and yoga: Pilates Mat, Pilates Core Training, Vinyasa yoga, Yoga basics and many, many, many others.

Rate of difficulty: 8/10 (Pilate Core training)



Event Name: Nomads drinks plus Nomadic podcast
When: 7:30 AM, Thursday 15 March 2007
Where: United Kingdom
Members club with great views and lovely drinks :-) please email for further information

Event Name: Wednesday Afterwork Drinks with Basement Jaxx
When: 7:30 PM, Wednesday 14 March 2007
Where: United Kingdom
M1NT London, 57 Jermyn Street, Mayfair, London, SW1Y 6LX
Please join us this Wednesday, March 14, from 7:30pm onwards at the M1NT for our afterwork get together. RSVP essential - this is one of the most exclusive private members club in London and capacity is limited to 150, so make sure you RSVP early!

The party is FREE to all invited and registered guests. Please register here for the guest list:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

NYLON: last minute events

Invitations - New York
Join us March 8, 2007, 6-8PM at the opening of our additional ground-floor gallery space, Yossi Milo Gallery North, located at 531 West 25th Street. Opening receptions will be held in both our main gallery, 525 West 25th Street, as well as in the new North gallery.

To inaugurate the North gallery, we will present "A State of Silence", photographs by Lithuanian artist, Indre Serpytyte. In the main gallery, we will feature the series "Domestic Scandals" by Japanese artist, Takashi Yasumura.
We look forward to seeing you.

FRIDAY March 9th at 7pm
The halcyon gallery invites you to celebrate the opening of CHIO FLORES "Of Flies and Organs"
On view at halcyon the shop now - April 1, 2007
DJs will provide the entertainment
Beverages courtesy of the Brooklyn Brewery
57, Pearl street, at the corner of Pearl and Water streets, DUMBO, Brooklyn.

LONDON - Friday
Friday Night Socialising at the Phoenix Artist Club
When: 6:30 PM, Friday 9 March 2007
Where: United Kingdom
The Phoenix Artist Club, 1 Phoenix Street, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT

Let's have a Party in London
Join us for our London Get Together, Friday March 9 at the VIP Suite at 1 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA
Please sign up here for the guest list:

Monday, March 05, 2007

London, the World's Favorite City

Today I won't write much. I just add the URL link from the Londoner's newsletter for March.

Some food for thought New Yorkers???

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Gym Project

This week I visited the 14th Street Y
344 East 14th Street, New York, NY, 10003 (on First Avenue)
212 780 0800

This small and cosy gym is more of a gym within a local community center, and has nothing to do with luxury. Very few machines for you to exercise and offers on average six exercise classes a day. I did the Lunch Crunch Pilates which was a challenging, intermediate level pilates class.

Score card
Facilities: 5/10. Very basic. Two small exercise studios, small gymnasium with very few machines and average cleanness changing room. Towels are not provided. So get you own towel and lock.

Variety of classes: 7/10. Six to seven classes per day. There is the Body by Baby Pilates and Mommy Baby Yoga for young mommies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Power Sclupt, Pilates, Power Burn, Belly Dance, Cardio Sculpt and Tai Chi amongst them.

Rate of difficulty: 7/10 (for the Lunch Crunch Pilates)


in New York

We very often blame the planets for all our problems instead of taking responsibility ourselves. If you want to learn more about it and how to do it successfully, three NYC astrologers combine their talents to make real astrology accessible through information-packed, entertaining and interactive workshops and free astrology talks on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM at East West Books, 78 Fifth Avenue (between 13th & 14th St.), New York, phone: 212 243-5994. Check the website for more information:


The Open Coffee Club
Saul Klein is launching an open coffee club today, Thursday 1st March, at 10am in Starbucks inside Espirit store which is at 178-182 Regent Street, London.

The Open Coffee Club is an attempt to establish recognized, open and regular meeting places
where entrepreneurs can meet with investors (and anyone else who fancies coming along) in a
totally informal setting.