Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reiss and BDB event and sale ---New York

Billion Dollar Babes (New York) join forces with Reiss on West Broadway for a private shopping event ONLY for BDB. So, mingle with friends, shop at a discount, and enjoy complimentary cocktails at this exclusive sale on Thursday May 8 from 6pm-9pm. Babes will receive a 20% discount. To RSVP visit Enjoy the sale!

387 West Broadway
Thursday, May 8th, 6-9pm.

Tocca sample sales ---New York

The Tocca sale took off today April 30th at 11am. Being one of the first ones to be there, I can report on the following:

- there are plenty of size 4 items (dresses and tops)

- there are not so many of size 0-2

- you can find all other sizes but not in abundance.

If you like Tocca candles, body lotion and fragrances, hurry up because today at least, they seemed to go very quickly at half price! Unfortunately, there wasn't any Tocca Laundry Delicate, there was no soap, and I didn't find many bottles of the hand liquid wash.

The Tocca sale will be on until May 2, 11-7pm.


Dresses were $300, now $85, Tops were $150, now $40, Pants were $225, now $60

Jackets were $350, now $100, Luxury candles were $36, now $20

Tocca Showroom: 542 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor b/t 10th & 11th Ave. New York, NY 10011 212.929.7122

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ben & Jerry's free cone day ---New York

Every year on their birthday Ben & Jerry's celebrates by giving the public free ice cream. Go to any participating scoop shop today and get your free cone!

Click on the link below for the participating list of B & J stores for your free cone. And if you have the day off, you could visit them all!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Expert Bobbi Brown at Barneys ---New York

Can a New Yorker afford art? ---New York

As a regular Chelsea gallery goer, I never question who is actually buying art in New York city. I go to the opening reception for the artist on Thursdays, I drink wine and try the snacks offered. I look around at the paintings or the photographs, usually extreme for my taste (with some exceptions). I occasionally get the price list for each painting exhibited. Prices vary: they start from a low $1,000 per item to a very steep $80,000 for a massive artistic creation. Each week, there are tens of gallery openings in Chelsea, Soho, Mid-town and Upper East. An artist once told me that there are 500 galleries in NYC for 20,000 artists. I don't know if the numbers are real. But if it is true, there are plenty of artists desperate to exhibit.
Last week, for the very first time, I visited a Soho photography exhibition opening (Grant Gallery). The atmosphere was buzzing, there was plenty of wine, cheese, fruits and crackers. The photos were “interesting” in my opinion and priced from $ 1,000 going up to $10,000.

But I can’t help thinking. With the economy not doing well, the crashing dollar, the high petrol prices, can a New Yorker afford buying art? With most of gallery openings full offering not only free drinks but free food, we can argue that gallery owners see a big business. After all, a reception is a PR event: who can say no to a free glass of wine (or beer), free Brie, tasty grapes and parmesan crackers? Most people I know visit the galleries for the atmosphere, then the freebies, then for the art. But I am sure that some people also buy. I wonder though if they are the “average” New Yorker. In an art auction I attended a few weeks ago, the Chinese-American woman sitting in front of me, spent at least $25,000 on items that night. She then said that she was an investor. Well, I didn’t expect her to be just an employee. If she were just an employee, would have bought them?

Nicole Farhi sale ---New York

Nicole Farhi's sample sale lasted until Saturday. As a former London resident, I couldn't resist. I arrived at Chelsea market's third floor where the sale was taking place. There were a few racks for women of all sizes and some for men, you could also find items for home. I can't say that the selection was vast, however, after a significant amount of time, I finally found the item I was flirting with. I asked the associate where was the fitting room and she said "everywhere you like here". The space wasn't large and there were a few people of both sexes but I found a discreet spot, and tried the rice-colored pants I had an eye on. They fitted perfect - I decided I was up for the purchase. With a price tag of only $79 from $395, it was a must-buy. While looking around, I saw a number of items I would like to try so I picked one. "No, there are all ours" said a male voice behind me. Apparently, the husband of the lady who anxiously was looking for more items to grab for trial. I don't know if they all fitted but I wished her luck. After all, Nicole Farhi is not such a bad designer to neglect even with a limited selection.

Friday, April 25, 2008

LMCC Open Studio Weekend ---New York free

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) presents Open Studio Weekend. 20 Workspace artists and writers will open their studios to the public, showcasing work completed over the nine months of their residency.
In addition, new cultural venue 92YTribeca hosts two special events on Saturday: Open Texts, a series of readings and performances by our writers-in-residence, and Moving Pictures, a screening of works by our film and video artists.

LMCC's signature Workspace residency program provides studio space and support for a diverse group of selected emerging artists and writers. LMCC will open its 15,000-square-foot Tribeca studio space to the public during Open Studio Weekend, the second time the studios have been open since the current session began in September.

All events are FREE and OPEN to the public.

LMCC Studios, 4th Floor

92YTribeca, Ground Floor

Friday, April 25
6-8PM — Opening reception (LMCC Studios)

Saturday, April 26
1-6PM — Open Hours (LMCC Studios)
2-4PM — Open Texts: Fiction, poetry, and performance by writers-in-residence featuring Paolo Javier, LuLu LoLo, Shivani Manghnani, Paul Takeuchi, John Talbird with Jill Magi. (92YTribeca)
5-7PM — Moving Pictures: Screening of film/video work by artists-in-residence featuring Nanna Debois Buhl, Mike Estabrook, Brendan Fernandes, Jayson Keeling, Simone Leigh, Mary Mattingly, Alison Ward. (92YTribeca)

Sunday, April 27
1-6PM — Open hours (LMCC Studios)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sonya Studio Prelude show opening ---New York free

The 9th Annual

SONYA Studio Stroll

Sat, May 17 & Sun, May 18 (noon to 6pm both days)

RAMONA CANDY exhibiting with KATHLEEN HAYEK AT Parlor Gallery - 305 Vanderbilt Avenue (between Lafayette & Dekalb Aves)

Visit, for tour map and more previews of the art and artists you'll see on Stroll weekend

Prelude Exhibition: Thursday, April 24th - May 18

Offers the local community the chance to get to know its local artists, artist groups, galleries, and institutions. Here you'll find a sampling of the work that will be on display at over 30 studios and galleries that will be open, free, to the public, during the upcoming SONYA Studio Stroll weekend, Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, taking place in the vibrant cultural hub of downtown Brooklyn just south of the Navy Yard - where art is made.

Opening Reception

Thursday, April 24th, 6 to 9 pm

SONYA Center, 394 Waverly Ave. between Greene & Gates Aves.

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Campari Project Artists Space ---New York free

The Campari Project is back! Join the party on Thursday April 24th at 6pm for a special preview of Christa Blatchford's "See Around" at Artists Space.

Call 646 205 1607 to RSVP!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

EMG vintage event ----New York free

Spring is here and the emt vintage sale is back!

Here's some of items you will find:

Vintage swimsuits, playsuits, jumpsuits, bikinis $39-$52
Tie Dye Romper- totally rad! $40
White Tuxedo jacket $39
Sweet acid wash high waisted shorts $35
Assorted color spring rompers $25-52!!

Leather xs jacket supercool $49
Gucci white spring Jacket $65
Spring dresses and jumpers $29-$39

bright pink spring flats $20
Marc Jacobs brown pumps new $65
Marc Jacobs Spring blue wedge sandals $45
Jimmy Choo sandals $110
70's yellow wedges! $30
Marc Jacobs rainbow wedges/espadrilles $65

Manolo lime/fuscia spring shoes $125
Vintage moccasin lace up boots brown $45
Vintage moccasin lace up boots black $45
Riding boots $49
Lace up flat boots LAREDO style different sizes $42

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Navigenics discussion and cocktail ---New York free

Learn how to live a "Genetically Healthy Lifestyle" from experts like the co-founder of Exhale Spa, the neuroscientist behind the Institute for the Study for Aging, and the COO of Integrative Nutrition.

Where: Navigenics, 76 Greene St. (b/w Spring and Broome).

When: Thursday, 4/17. 6 - 7PM cocktails, 7 - 8PM panel and open discussion. RSVP to

Why: Be prepared for what lays ahead -- Navigenics helps you understand your genetic roadmap.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Artists Space Screening ----New York free

Wednesday, April 16, 5-8 p.m.
Friday, April 18, 3-6 p.m.
Black Room Screening: Blackboxing, 2007
by Mariana Castillo Debal
Video projection 30 mins.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Coffee and Tea Festival ----New York

Coffee junkies and earl grey lovers, New York is an ideal city for you this weekend. The Coffee and Tea festival kicks off tomorrow Saturday April 12th at 11 am and will end on Sunday at 5pm. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy:

- Coffee and tea sampling

- Lectures / Classes

- Shopping

- Contests

- Demonstrations

- Art

- Java/Tea Lounge with music & entertainment

- Funds will be raised for the official event charity, Cup for Education


the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18 Street, New York, NY. The event is open to the public and the trade.

$20 entrance ticket.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NYSG gallery opening reception ----New York free

Water and Dreams works by Jeong Julia Lee
April 3, 2008 – April 26, 2008

You are cordially invited to the Artist’s Reception: Thursday April 10, 2008 6-8pm

NY Studio Gallery. 511 West 25th St. #607, between 10th and 11th Ave.
Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6 pm or by appointment
Contact: 212.627.3276 /
NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Water and Dreams by Korean-American artist Jeong Julia Lee. Lee's dreamy oil paintings incorporate mixed media and epoxy resin to evoke images of water, imagination, and subconscious associations to freedom, memory, and the artist's Korean childhood. The exhibition focuses on Lee’s connection to nature and natural themes, often containing water as a central component. The artist explains that “water allows me to connect my realities to my dreams, while painting allows me to imagine those dreams and to create them. I create things at will: water moving, wind blowing, flowers blooming from water, even rocks floating on the water.” Her calligraphic non-western style, meditative subject matter and reflective surfaces tap into the collective subconscious and exude a calming effect on viewers.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Why we go out? ----Everywhere

Why we go out?

I am sure most of you have heard or said the expressions “let’s go out”, “let’s have a drink in the pub”, “what about going to the movies tonight?” or “do you want to grab a bite?” relatively often. I am also certain that you actually went out, had a drink, saw a movie or two, and grabbed a bite. But I am not certain at all that you know the reasons of all of the above. In other words, why did you go out to have a drink, see a movie or to grab a bite?

I often question myself the need of people to “go out”. Going out means “not staying in” or avoid your home, your couch and the TV for the evening. The main reasons of going out might be one or a combination of the following:


We often accept invitations or send ours to our loved ones, friends, close relatives and so on in order to see them, meet and greet them. We try to keep in touch, exchange ideas, chat, make jokes or even gossip. Now you can ask: why do we have to go out to actually do all those things instead of staying in and meet them at home? You could do that too but then “they” will again have to go out. Going out is inevitable, one time or another, for some people


Your boss asks you to offer a lavish dinner to one of your clients. If you can’t turn him/her down, you may get a warning or loose your job but why do it anyway? The dinner is free and you get to meet new people (i.e. clients). So professional “get-togethers”, “dinners”, “networking events”, “business breakfast” etc are actually a very sociable and interesting task to experience. Although it sounds like work, it may please your senses and satisfy your appetite. The check is on the company’s credit card, you had expensive wine and you could even close a deal. Is there anything not to like? You may be tired or bored and you also have to make an effort to sell or promote your company or its products but it’s better to do it in a restaurant than in the office.

Kill time

Occasionally we go out because we "have nothing else to do", we are "so bored to stay in" and we want fresh air. It sounds that we don't in reality have a strong reason to go out, but just a strong need to avoid the comfort of our couch. It may also be that there is not a real life goal or objective and "hanging out" with friends is probably the most entertaining activity.

Keep busy

There are plenty of people who want or need to have a busy schedule. This schedule, except for working, includes a number of "outings", "events" and "parties", social activities in other words that keep them busy. Being busy has a lot of benefits: excessive social life, attendance of parties and events, meeting interesting people and overall, having fun. On the negative side, being busy can also mean physical exhaustion and lack of personal, "me" time. In a way, it may be that you want to avoid yourself.

There will probably be more reasons humans beings go out for. This posting is just a beginning, some food for thought to question your personal values and intentions related to your outings.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sperone Gallery opening reception - New York free

Aaron van Erp and Sebastian Ludwig

reception for the artists 3 April, 6 - 8 pm

3 April - 3 May 2008

Sperone Westwater is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Dutch artist, Aaron van Erp, and an exhibition of new and recent paintings by German artist, Sebastian Ludwig. This is the first solo show for both artists in New York.

Still in their early 30s, Aaron van Erp and Sebastian Ludwig are part of a generation of artists working in the wake of German Neo-Expressionism. Both artists have incorporated a renewed commitment to painting and figurative representation, while developing a painting language and style that is truly unique.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tria Gallery Opening ----New York free

Tria Gallery Invites You to a Reception for Andrew Millner: Biophilia, Thursday, April 3, 6-8 pm‏