Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Artgate Gallery Opening

Opening reception on Thursday, 1.29 at 6pm to 8pm.

ArtGate Gallery 547 W. 27th StreetNew York, NY 10001

Sunday, January 25, 2009

FLIPNY event

A sneak peak event from FLIPNY - cocktails, manicures, pedicures and even Cigars. I am also excited, I have no clue what is about.
RSPV at, for Wednesday, 1.28, 7-9pm at SPIFF.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spice up your drinks is not only an invitation and party blog. It's a blog that covers everything related to parties and events and also lifestyle. Therefore, the following posting fits very well on the site.

The blog will start, hopefully, write-ups on funky, interesting and bizarre foods, recipes and lifestyle aspects from all over the world, not only the Big Apple!

If you are bored with the daily and occasionally boring wine, cheese and crackers, experiment with something else. Why don't you try your Chardonnay with candy? The best pairing will be with, the very popular to children, corn teeth candy. Your glass of Cabernet Sauvignon will match perfectly with my favorite licorice, Port goes well with chocolate and Twizzlers with Pinot Noir. If wine is not your "cup of tea" and you opt for whisky, try it with caramel toffee. Tequila, finally, is nicely accompanied in your palette with spicy, cinnamon candy. Welcome to a brand new world of alcohol drinking!

If wine and candy pairings do not appeal to you, why you don't give a new name to your drinks or cocktails for your party, event or just for your night in? During the recent presidential inauguration, bars and lounges offered the Obama Mamas, Obama slammers and Biden's Apt. Moreover, the Japanese dessert bar Kyotofu has recent announced its hot cocktails:
Kyotofu Chocolatini, a steamed chocolate black soybean cocoa with white sesame shochu whilst the Spiked Hot Apple Cider is a combination of spiced apple reduction, cranberries and shochu.

Happy drinking!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening reception of New York Influence

The Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in Chelsea welcomes all at its first opening reception of 2009, on Thursday 1.22 at 6pm. I can't make it this Thursday but I definitely recommend it. If you want to meet cool artists, drink champagne or sangria and view some funky art, do go!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tribeca Cinemas socializing

January 22, 2009
An Evening of Short Films & Cinematic Socializing
TRIBECA CINEMAS54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013
8:30 pm to Midnight
Complimentary Drinks & Hors D'oeuvres - 21 & Over

Friday, January 16, 2009

Heist Gallery Presents Chris Rubino: Make Believe Maple Leaves

EXHIBITION: Chris Rubino: Make Believe Maple Leaves

Heist Gallery is pleased to present the work of Chris Rubino, a versatile artist who has created a vast array of imagery through illustration, printing, graphics and photography. The simplicity and flattened forms that dominate his visuals capture pieces of our daily language in minimal forms. For his solo exhibition at Heist titled Make Believe Maple Leaves, Rubino incorporates the written word into a complex world of iconic lexicon, drawing from process-oriented sketchbook drawings created over the course of one year. Rubino infuses his creations with color using pastel, paint, colored pencil and printmaking. Exuding a faster yet less mechanized energy, this body of work mirrors the way we process imagery and information today.

Make Believe Maple Leaves explores themes of sweetness, temptation and deception, reminding us of modern day decisions that focus on love, career, consumption, and our daily grind that overtakes our senses on a daily bases. His work requests and insists that the viewer take the time to see and appreciate the sweeter side of life rather than search mindlessly for nonexistent fragments of our own imagination while letting temptation and deceit trip us in our paths in the least and most likely places.

Heist Gallery 27 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beard on Books

Walter Scheib

White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen

In White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen Walter Scheib recounts his tenure as White House executive chef, including some fascinating stories about the lives—and appetites—of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Whether fixing a meal for the first family or planning an extravagant, multi-course banquet for visiting heads of state, Scheib played a critical, behind-the scenes role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Stuffed with stories, photographs, menus, and recipes, White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen presents endless entertainment for both foodies and political junkies.

Wednesday, 1.14.09, 12pm, at the Beard House, 167W 12 street, New York.

Monday, January 12, 2009

MoMA Monday Nights‏

One Monday a month, MoMA stays open until 8:45 p.m. Drop in after hours for exhibitions, films, entertainment, and a cash bar—plus the first 600 ticket buyers after 5:30 p.m. will receive free admission on their next visit. Kick off your shoes in the immersive Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters), get one last look at Joan Miró's Surrealist take on the world, or sip cocktails with friends in the Gund Lobby and discuss your resolutions for the new year.
Entry to film screenings at MoMA is included in the cost of admission. January 12 films include Trouble the Water (2007), about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This powerful documentary screens at 6:00 p.m. as part of The Contenders, an ongoing exhibition of influential, innovative films made in the last twelve months.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The BreakUp basket

January is said to be the worst month of the year in breakups. Although December boasts the most engagements and February is for new lovers (thank Valentine!), January has to fill in for the broken hearts. Rumors say that couples postpone their breakup decision for after the Christmas holidays and into the frame of the "New Year's resolutions" go for a new start with no sweet heart. So, if you are invited to a recently broken hearted individual's party, offer him/her the Breakup basket. For him, the gift basket includes the Evil Cabernet Sauvignon and Bitch Grenache both from Australia. The “for her” version includes a bottle of Evil Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia and Fat Bastard Chardonnay from Australia as well.
Both are $47 plus tax and are gift wrapped with a stylish black tray an understated black & white striped bow. The Breakup Baskets are available at all six Taste Unlimited
locations as well as online at

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gallery receptions tonight

Kick off the gallery reception 2009 season tonight in Chelsea. There are plenty of openings but I will only mention a few below. For more check

Tria Gallery opening: Malescapes, 6pm to 8pm, 547 W, 27th street, suite 504, NY.
Onishi Gallery opening: XX Women, 6pm to 8pm, 521 W, 26th street, NY

Have fun!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Talika launch party

Join Talika and the Creative coalition for the launch of Talika's bust serum. RSVP: The party will take place at Midtown loft, 11 floor, 267 5th Avenue from 6.9pm, tomorrow Thursday, 1.8.2009.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Artists and Writers Salon at Brooklyn Artists Gym‏


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 2009, 6-8 pm

Brooklyn Artists Gym and Room 58 invite you to a salon featuring the works of both visual artists and writers. Come join BAG for a lively discussion at this wine and cheese event. The event will be held in the BAG Gallery featuring artists in the current show PLUS ONE. Writer Terence Taylor will be reading some new horror fiction and Adam Matthews will read some Dispatches from China.

Brooklyn Artists Gym

Friday, January 02, 2009

My best party food trends

I decided to welcome 2009 by being self-centered. So, I am going to forget the "objective" elements of New York party scene and I am going to present what I like the best as a party/event guest.

1. Raw tuna on potato chip canapé, for gluten-free fans and not only

2. Champagne (the real one), not the Peruvian sparkling!

3. Mature asiago, aged gouda and cheddar cheese with dry apricots and berries - no bread please!

4. A mini turkey slice on cranberry bread canapé

5. Skewer with a tiny square of yellow cheese, one grape and quince - a masterpiece in a stick

6. Exotic Colorful chips in large bowls (orange carrots, blue potatoes and green kabocha squash) , a mouthwatering but also an eye experience

7. Macaroons of all sorts: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, passion fruit. Have one and become like Proust in "In search of lost time" when he was tasting the famous madelaines!

8. Chocolate: plain, dark, with no pretext and no excuse - have at least two pieces

9. Chocolate popcorn in large bowls self-served in paper bags

10. Caramelized and spiced nuts served in large, transparent bowls with a spoon