Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cook Eat Drink Live event ---New York

Visiting a food and drink festival can be a tempting, enjoyable and also challenging experience. The task is even harder when you have to pick and choose (to see, taste and drink) from over 100 different exhibitors, restaurants, presentations and workshops.

But I managed and I had a very good time. I visited pretty much everyone and I tasted everything: from cheese, to wheat-free crackers, New York apples, oils and vinegars to Asian restaurant samples, mini cinnamon cheese cakes (my favorite), cote d’or chocolates, honey-roasted nuts, canap├ęs and Ghirardelli choco dark pleasures, I satisfied my appetite and I proved that Food Festivals should be renamed as “Christmas for adults”. I also tried and indeed, drank amazing wine from all over the world: Spain, Italy and California to mention a few. I didn’t forget the cocktail samples, refreshing and strong enough to give you a buzz! Despite the long way to the end of the exhibitors, I found the time to go to a couple of presentations and didn’t miss the chance to attend two very resourceful and entertaining workshops: how to prepare a cheese plate and how to pickle fish and veggies, facilitated from Steve Jenkins (a world-known cheese monger) and Johan Svensson (executive chef at Aquavit) respectively.

Now I am done, with my stomach full and my taste delightfully satisfied, I am ready to move on. What the most important thing was, except for the great number of tastings, that I learned more about myself and food. Definitely a wine and chocolate fan, I also noticed that I prefer cold to warm food. So, maybe, pickled fish might become one of my daily eating habits. And lots of cheese!