Sunday, December 30, 2012

The quirkiest kitchen items of 2012

2012 comes to an end but your kitchen is definitely revamped. This year brought a series of colorful, fun, quirky and easy-to-use kitchenware you may or may not  need. But admittedly those can make your life simpler, give your  kitchen a sleeker look and often help you be environmental friendly. 

Re-Pac Bags 
Re-Pac Bags are the eco-friendly, food-safe bag alternative to disposable plastic baggies. Pack your lunch, tasty snacks, sandwiches or pieces of fruit and you are ready to go. Those stain, leak and mold resistant bags are also hand-sewn; they are perfect for your daily on-the-go snack or when traveling. Kids will love it as well as adults. Prices start at $5.95.

Blogger's Note: Tested. Easy to pack and clean but I often felt that those nice bags are for my cosmetics rather than peanuts!

The FreeForm 

This inventive item introduces an easily adaptable and creative concept to any kitchen or dining setting. FreeForm takes the form of both a tray when lifted by the cut out handles and a placemat when lying flat. It is available in numerous contrasting colors with smart stitched detail edging. Prices vary from $19.99 to  $29.99.

Blogger's note: Not tested yet. Will be available from

Tilt Chilling Ball

Tilt is a new word to the chilled drinks and the newest addition to your cocktail set. The chilling sphere is iceless and flavorless so it does not interfere with drinks and their flavor. All you have to do is to store tilt in the freezer a few hours before your cocktail time, then insert it in your wine glass, cocktail or a party dip to keep it chilled. Tilt is center-weighted so it will always sit up-right and is easily removed by an included retrieval hook. It comes with a silicone freezer stand. Prices start at $17.99 for the single and $34.99 for the twin tilt.

Blogger's note: Tested. It chills your drinks but the ball looks strange in the glass. Easier to use than ice cubes.

Bella Vita Chill It

BellaVita’s new freezable, insulated Chill It bags are perfect for keeping wine, beer or sodas cool on the go! Keep those bags in the freezer and they become instant coolers for whatever you want to chill. They come in six different bright colors and in three designs: square, cylinders or totes. Bella Vita Chill It bags are reusable and perfect for gifts. Prices start at $9.95.

Blogger's note: not tested yet.


If you don’t like big salad spoons for your salad or pasta servings, try Snapi. This single handed server allows easy serving of salad, pasta, fruit and everything else that comes in a bowl! This kitchen item is ergonomic and colorful. Grab a full serving without putting your plate down.

Blogger's note: Tested. Use rather in a large bowl when there is plenty of salad to grab. 


Give your veggies a makeover but putting them in this new microwave cooking bag. Forget about plastic containers that may melt or any other ceramic plate that becomes too hot after a few minutes in the oven. The Corn-n-Tater is said to cook your food without loss of flavor as it is made with a blend of cotton and bamboo materials. It is easy to clean: machine wash and air dry. Good for vegetables but also pizzas, tortillas, bread and frozen foods. It comes in various designs; each pack contains a recipe booklet. It will cost you $12.99.

Blogger's note: Not tested yet but sounds intriguing. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ya Mastiha Liqueur & MastihaShopNY Holiday Extravaganza‏

145 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
Tel: +1-212-253-0895

Check out for more details.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The New MOHAI opens

The new Museumof History and Industry will re-open on December 29th in the Naval Reserve Armory landmark building at the center of  Seattle's growing and lively South Lake Union neighborhood.  The signature institution of the Emerald City that was first inspired by a costume party in 1911 has grown and became the largest private heritage organization in the Washington State - with nearly 4 million artifacts and historic photographs.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience history, heritage and tradition in an innovative space with a fresh look while viewing Seattle's Lake Union.

The MOHAI museum will offer a series of permanent and temporary exhibitions together with numerous public and educational programs, participation in citywide activities and brand new initiatives.

The permanent exhibition Waterways to the World in partnership with the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society explores the region connection to the water. Visitors will face Lake Union while learning about Thomas Mercer, who in 1854 correctly predicted that canals would someday join Lake Washington to Puget Sound in a "union of waters” and became the godfather of the Lake Union.

The core exhibition on the first story illuminates how history shaped the culture of the Pacific North West by presenting Seattle’s history from wilderness to world city. Four are the themes to be discovered: Community and Diversity; Creativity and Innovation; Relationships with Nature and Global City Seattle.

The Celluloid Seattle: A city in the Movies exhibition will remain open to the following September and will examine the unique relationship of the city with the movies. How the idea of going to the movies changed Seattle as well as how the city was captured in the movies are the two themes of this exclusive exhibition.

If visitors want to learn how to make their own video games, they will have the chance with the Building a Video Game exhibition. Fig Fish, the leading game company of the city, will explain each step of game development using its mobile game Fetch.

Finally, the Center for Innovation is expected to open in the fall of 2013. The center will offer classes, lectures and youth programming with a permanent exhibition presenting Seattle’s role in innovation and entrepreneurship.

For more information visit the museum’s website here

For the Grand Opening tickets, opening hours and directions, click here