Monday, October 08, 2007

Parties and events

I don't know if going to events has always been one of my favorite activities or it's just brand new. I am thinking that I have always liked to be invited. Since I was a child. School birthday parties were my "best". I enjoyed the people, the food and the fun. This cosy type of gathering brought me joy, comfort and pleasure at an early age. Growing up, I liked it even more but in a different way. It was more of a social event. I had to dress up, have my hair done, put on some makeup. Jolly good! Since I joined the networking scene in London, going out to "events" became a part of my job, and during my freelance days, nearly a part of my career. Networking was fun but also hard work. I had to introduce myself, behave, avoid the excessive use of alcohol and eat the tasty canapes in moderation. I had the chance to meet influential and very successful people - and rarely under weird circumstances (well-known TV presenter was sharing the same ladies room, a not so common location to make contact). I don't, of course, deny attendance in extravagant and "thematic" parties, very attractive, luxurious and posh in London, the capital.

As a new resident of NYC since September 2006, "events" slightly changed context. I became far more interested in the content rather than the business or the success of people. I focus my attention on the creative aspect of the event, the location, the colors. And it's fun! A new angle in my new, full of invitations and RSVPs life!

More about parties and events later during the week. For now, read below where you can go:

Jazz at Lincoln Center

October 10th: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Musical Wednesdays with Jazz at Lincoln Center
Join us for an evening of great live jazz performed
The Samsung Experience, Time Warner Center,
at Columbus Circle10 Columbus Circle, 3rd fl 8th Ave


mosaic on-line launch drinks will take place
on Wednesday 10th October
from 19:00, at stanza (ex-teatro)
93-107 Shaftsbury Avenue
London W1D 5DY