Sunday, September 18, 2016

What to eat at the Washington's State Fair

State Fairs are known for their greasy, fried and unhealthy foods together with the fun rides, silly toys and animal shows. You still have nearly a week to visit the Fair at Puyallup and here are my suggestions on what tasty but bad for your cholesterol foods you should try even if you have a couple of hours.
Bypass please the healthy option of the gluten and bun free meals, low fat and low calorie –you will get them later when you return in you kitchen.

Start with a treat at the quintessential sweet snack place- Fisher’s for a jam scone. The line will be long but this must-eat at the Fair is worth it. This small, yellowish pastry filled with raspberry jam and coated with whipped butter is the Fair’s favorite for both kids and grown-ups alike. As you can’t find them easily in any bakery in the city, get stuffed or buy the baking mix and make them at home. There are a few Fisher stands in various locations so you won’t miss it.

Cotton candy is also a ubiquitous sugary treat in an array of colors so go for it if this is your thing.

A bowl of fried onion and curly fries are two of the signature foods at the Fair. The curly fries come in a huge plate and look glued together which makes them funny looking. Be ready to share with friends and family because the portion is huge and you will need help. The beer batter fried onion rings come handy in a smaller portion and are really tasty. You get those dishes pretty much everywhere at the Fair so keep your eyes open.

Continue with more exotic foods and maybe put some spice on your palate
This year the Fair brought exotic meats at the Burgers and Exotic Meats stand. If you are brave enough, go for an alligator burger or rabbit and python sausage. If strange animal foods is not your cup of tea, go for at the beef lumpia at the Fried Rolls stand, a type of spring roll eaten in Philippines and Indonesia. My lumpia came with spicy mayo, salsa and a sweet vinegar dip that was delicious and paired perfectly the greasiness of the roll.

My favorite of all was the Nashville hot chicken that comes with fries and pickles. This fried, amazingly spicy and crunchy chicken goes down fast with the ketchup dipped potatoes. Hands up to Nashville people who invented it and made it a national trend.

Finally, close the day with an elephant ear, another timeless Fair favorite. Watch how they make it at the Elephant Ears stand. Yes, it is dipped fried, then buttered and topped with sugar and cinnamon and jam on the other side if you want. But it is so warm and comfort-y that you will ask for seconds.

Now the only thing missing is an oversized coca cola drink with an oversized  straw. Who says that the Fair should be healthy?

Check out foods at the Washington State Fair here: