Sunday, December 30, 2007

More parties in 2008. And fun. ---Everywhere

I was planning to finish off the Fully Booked blog for 2007 with the Gym Project. But while writing the posting, I decided to change my plan. I don't want to end this year with an exercise routine. This will come soon - in the first days of 2008 will visit you: gyms, diet, healthy life style. Today is the last day of the year, traditionally a party day. Today parties accept congratulations, and even themselves celebrate. All over the world. At different time zones and weathers. On the mountains and in the seas! This is the time!

I love going out to parties and events. I enjoy it thoroughly and this is the reason I started this blog. And why not? What is not to like in a party? Smiley people, tasty food, clean and elegant clothes, alcohol, music and maybe a good looking guy looking at you. A glass of champagne tops up the list. Always!

But, believe it or not, I feel that tonight, I will look for a quiet place to celebrate, at least at midnight. I feel that I won't miss the crowds, not just for a few hours. I even thought to join the 3-hour silence "event" at a Manhattan based yoga center. Time for reflection? Probably. Tired of the 100+ parties I attended during 2007? Absolutely!

While reflecting on my 2007 year, I have no regrets and no complains when it comes down to the party and event scene. From fashion shows, to chocolate and champagne store openings, product launches, chocolate and food shows, book readings (with wine), restaurant food tastings, designer sales, networking events, business breakfasts and fancy dinners, I went to all. And I am pleased.

I strongly desire the trend to continue in 2008. A quick glance at my freshly updated diary, confirms. Yes, at least in January, there are a few already penciled in. Fun ones. I can't wait.

And for all of you, this is my wish for 2008: Don't be afraid to celebrate. Don't be scared to have fun. Allow it for a few minutes, if not hours, daily. Life seems endless with no breaks. Give yourself a break. Instead of eating pizza in front of television, get out. Have some fun. Laugh. Dance. Be merry. Tomorrow is another day.

As for tonight, I am still thinking. The 3-hour silence "event" is tempting. But so is the champagne with canapes party in Brooklyn.

I will keep you posted! Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So, you haven’t been invited ---Everywhere

Since my debut in the party and networking scene in 2000 in London, I was invited and attended many parties, networking groups, functions and more. And despite the great number of events I attended, I always feel the same excitement every time I receive the electronic invitation (or the paper one). My heart is beating fast, I am smiling and I can’t wait to the moment I will enter the door of another amazing (or not so) event waiting to be explored.

I can’t help thinking though. Why some individuals are always invited and some other don’t get any invitation what so ever? Why me, a very common human being, can’t figure out which event I should go to every evening (very often I have two or three to pick from) and a few others just sit in front of television to watch depressing news or silly shows?

Based on my ongoing research on “why some are invited and some others not”, I realized that one of the reasons is the following: those who are invited, ask for it! In other words, they just have a strong desire to be invited. This desire helps them materialize their actual invitation and therefore, event attendance. If you don’t desire to be invited or to go out to parties and events, you won’t take any action towards this direction. As a consequence, you won’t receive any invite and you won’t be present to any of the events happening every day.

But is this the only reason? No, it isn't. But this is the main and the important one. Strong desires are like fuel in our lives. Strong desires – or intentions- give us the energy we need to move on. It happens with everything and applies to each area. If you desire to move to Sydney, London or New York from your current place of residency, you will take all necessary steps to actually achieve the move. If you desire to go to College, you will get the good results in your SATs, you will get the financial support you need from your parents or the government and you will finally be accepted from your College of choice.

So, if you want to be invited, just have a real desire. I strongly believe that those of you who don’t go out too often, you just don’t wish for it. If you really want to go out, ask for it and it will come. Then take action.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Wired Store ---New York free

The Magazine Wired has a store in Manhattan since November 16! I accidentally discovered it while strolling around Soho the other day. The store will close at the end of this month so you still have a few days to visit and have a look. Even if technology does not appeal to you and you are not very geeky, this funky and pink store, it's worth your visit. Play with the gadgets, pick up a free Wired magazine, participate in competitions or attend Intel's Centrino Duo seminar and breakfast. You can also experience a door-to-door Infiniti shuttle service in an FX, QX or G Sedan, exclusively for WIRED Store weekend shoppers.

60 Greene St.
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-343-2900
Wednesday – Friday: 12PM – 8PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11AM – 7PM
CLOSED Monday and Tuesday

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I visited the Smart Workout studio. This cosy, exclusive studio, five minutes away from Grand Central station, offers a variety of classes and workouts that can satisfy the most demanding gym goers. Except for plenty of exercise classes, you can experience the Hydraulic resistance workout and the pilates reformer. After one week in this studio, you will be hooked!

124 East 40th Street Suite 603 New York, NY 10016 Phone. 212.661.1660

Score card

Facilities: 10/10
There is a changing room, two toilets/shower rooms and plenty of lockers with their own key! You can find towels, elastic bands for your hair, free tea and magazines. The small room in the corner, acts as a “powder room” with blow-dryers, hand creams and lotion for the ladies (and possibly men).

Variety of classes: 10/10
Despite the size of the studio, there are plenty of classes you can attend: From Pilates Reformer and Yoga classes, to Ballet Burn, Tango Workout, Zumba Cardio Dance, On the ball and the Katami Bar to name a few. There is also the amazing Face Conditioning class, a relaxing “workout” for your face muscles!

Rate of difficulty: 8/10
I tried several classes but I will stay on the Katami Bar workout. It was the first time in my exercise life that I did a class using the Katami Bar. This is a total body workout, with the Katami bar as a resistance aid. The trapezoidal shape of this bar keeps your arms on an even plane, adding accuracy to your workout. The class is challenging: for 45 minutes you do a “body conditioning class” and the funky looks of the Katami do not ease but add extra power to your workout. Yes, it may sound more fun than using weights but it is a very demanding class. You will sweat and sigh but at the end you will feel really exercised and your muscles toned.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Delta SKY360° Lounge ---New York free

This is the season for shopping, sharing and seeing loved ones. And SKY360° by Delta—a multi-dimensional lounge in the heart of Manhattan—is here to help.
By popular demand, this innovative venue will stay open until December 22nd. Take advantage of the American Express Connectivity Lounge (complete with free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations); check out the Reservations Area; and enjoy complimentary beverages from the Midnight Sky Bar.
But don't stop there. For $5 SKY360° will wrap your gifts and give a portion of the proceeds to New Yorkers For Children, a non-profit that raises funds to support children in New York City foster care. And SKY360° by Delta is also an official depot for the Food Bank For New York City, so drop off non-perishable, canned food items to help families in need.
SKY360° is located at 101 West 57th St. NY, NY 10019, on the corner of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, and is now open between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Thurs-Sat until December 22nd.

Friday, December 14, 2007

emt Vintage ----New York free

It's back! For your vintage shopping,
december 15, 2007
2-6 pm tribeca grand hotel (2 avenue of the americas)

What you can find

WOMEN'S SHOES extravaganza!
+Christian Louboutin ankle booties $ 125-
+Costume National ankle boots $ 75-
+Dries Van Noten gold crinkle shoes- $60-
+Dries Van Noten red patent leather slingbacks- $60-
+Helmut Lang over the knee boots $89+Vintage clogs $52
+Plaid Vivienne Westwood booties $95
+Gucci Ankle boots $82+Manolo Blahnik two tone heels $95
+YSL booties $85
+Gucci booties $75

and clothes also:

+Bernard Wilhelm hand-embroidered Coat- $400 Like NEW---MINT CONDITION!!!
+Jean-Paul Gaultier wool pleated skirt (ankle length w/side slit) -$125
+Luella Bartley denim jean- $50
+Misc. cashmere sweaters $35-45
+Mink stoles and capes $79- $115
+Small Cashmere fitted black coat with toggle buttons $70
+Lanvin floral skirt $45

and lots more!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Space NK’s Simultaneous Soirées ---New York free

Wednesday, December 12

6–9 p.m.

RSVP by December 11

99 Greene Street


217 Columbus Avenue

Space NK, the United Kingdom’s definitive destination for beauty offers an eclectic mix of more than 50 cult brands, and many others never before seen stateside. Enjoy a complimentary, personalized consultation with our expert make-up artists and skincare consultants, and receive a deluxe goodie bag.

*Champagne and chocolates will be served.

*While supplies last. Must be 21 or older to attend.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Top trends in the party scene this holiday season ---New York

There is a lot to be said about trends in parties, events and gifts this holiday season. When I am out and about, I keep my eyes and ears open to see, hear and feel what is going on. So far, I noticed the following top trends that will affect you and your bank account this season:

1. Champagne
It has always been our favorite primarily in New Year's Eve. This year, champagne dominates the scene. Whenever you go, whatever you do, there is bubbly. Champagne comes in all forms: Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Laurent-Perrier and Mercier are some of the most common ones. But there is also pink champagne and sparkling wine for all tastes and wallets! I also saw and experienced also, small cans of champagne with a straw - easy to drink and to carry around! Coppola's wine company offers individual cans of sparkling wine named after Sofia or in packs of four!

2. Chocolate
Another indulgence for sweet tooth individuals. Chocolate is on every table, in each event and every party. Gallery openings, launch parties, food shows, holiday shopping events and even cosmetic boutique gatherings! Who doesn't love chocolate? I know people who don't, but even them agree that they see and taste so much of it that they started to like it! I do like chocolate. But I also have to admit that New York maybe has gone overboard with it. So less might be more in this case.

3. Environment-friendly decorations
I don't know if it's Al Gore's Nobel prize or because we all love our environment but things are getting seriously green. From Christmas trees and their "wooden" ornaments, decorations, furniture to rugs and sofas - everything has to be environmental friendly. Or just to "imitate" it. I have no more comments. It's nice. Just don't overdo it.

4. No wrapping paper
Probably as a result of the trend above, no need for wrapping paper. Why killing trees when we can avoid it? But if you offer a gift unwrapped, it's like going out barefoot. Well, not really. In lieu, you put it in a cotton, re-usable bag (or tote). Which can count as a gift number two... So this season your gift is bagged!

5. Re-gifting
What is this? Do you actually understand the meaning of this word? Yes, I do. Think of all the gifts you got the previous years that still remain in their boxes or bags (because you don't like them, are from goodie bags you lost interest in etc). You can now "recycle" them. Put them in nice totes and offer them as a gift. You just save time and money. Being cheap? No, this is not a trend this season. You just support Al Gore's good causes, you recycle and you don't throw things away. Just remember to keep an inventory: what came in, what goes out and to whom! Don't regift back to the initial gift giver! That does not sound nice!

Mosaic Drinks ----London

The next mosaic drinks will be
On Wednesday 12th December
From 19:30 onwards
At Adam Street Private Members’ Club
9 Adam Street – off the Strand
Nearest tube: charring Cross / Covent Garden

On guest list only so please RSVP by Tuesday 11th December

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 4 top tips for a successful event ---Everywhere in the West

Well, certain things are self-explanatory, but I still believe that all the four following should be included. At least today. I may come up with more ideas next week!

1. Booze
If there is no alcohol, there is no event. An event is named as such because there is booze. Otherwise, it would be something else like going to school or to the church. Not only should you include alcoholic beverages, but in large amounts! And of a good quality. Champagne indicates luxury and wealth (very London, less New York), wine tells that people are more sophisticated (London and New York but also international) and beer translates as a funky event but also cheap. Cocktails are often offered in women's related or targeted events so they are kind of girly. So don't be afraid to serve alcohol. In large portions....

2. Grapes
I don't know why grapes are everywhere these days in New York City, but I have the feeling that they are an indispensable event success element. There is something about them. They are sweet, have different colors and are fresh. The old days I only had grapes in August and September (yes, I am from the Mediterranean), but it seems that tradition changes and you can get grapes throughout the year. Have some in your event. They are lovely!

3. People
If there are no people, why you are planning the event in the first place? Only for yourself? Although some events are very posh and exclusive and target the very few who belong into those categories, most of them do want to attract as many human beings as possible. It's a good choice. With no human souls, there is no life, no fun, no event. Just invite them. All! They will come.

4. Theme
It would be nice to have a "theme" for your event. I am not talking about boring conferences on the role of slashes and tags in programing (only computer geeks will appreciate) or the importance of organizing your spreadsheets (this might actually be helpful to know). Have a theme based on which your event will be created. The more specific you are, the better you can market your event. A few good examples would be: Designer bag shopping, networking event for non-fiction editors, dark chocolate making, wellness foods, green tea tasting, gallery opening, romantic novel book signing, etc. Then based on the "theme", you can add some more attractive elements that will give your event an extra buzz. How about matching the romantic novel book signing in a cozy boutique selling vintage clothing? So, instead of doing it boringly in a bookstore, you opt for the boutique! Be thematic but also innovative.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ModernMart Supermarket Gift Fair ---New York free

I can’t think of a more sensible way to kick-start your holiday shopping than an independent gift fair showcasing emerging local designers and their affordable wares. Due to its success the past two years, ModernMart is returning to DWR Tribeca to prove that the third time really is a charm. This year, DWR is partnering with Supermarket, the webstop for break out product designers. For even more shopping options, DWR is featuring its largest gift selection ever. Many items will be priced under $100 and the first 100 in the door will receive a complimentary gift bag. A special guest DJ will amplify the shopping ambiance, and champagne, chocolates and brownies by Mari’s New York will be served. Guest designers will accept cash or check only.

Wednesday, December 5, 7–9pm
Design Within Reach - Tribeca
124 Hudson St
New York City,
NY 10013
Phone: 212.219.2217

Monday, December 03, 2007

Joe's coffee class ---New York

Are you a caffeine aficionado, but you can’t tell the difference between an Arabica bean and a Robusta? Do you know how much spoons of coffee you need for a 6-ounces cup or you are clueless? If you need answers to the questions above, you should consider the class “Coffee 101: From Bean to Cup” by Joe’s. I was one of the students last week and I found satisfactory answers to all my questions. During the class, Amanda Byron (Joe’s Director of Coffee) presented in an entertaining and informative way the basics of what coffee is, the major growing regions, how the beans are grown and roasted and finally how to buy, brew and drink coffee at home. After attending this class, you will be far more knowledgeable about Joe’s preferable beans and where they come from, the differences between a drip coffee maker and a French press, grinders and what you should look for, right amounts of coffee and coffee’s worst enemies (I won’t tell you, you have to attend once!). All that, while tasting coffees from all over the world and exploring the flavor characteristics of these regions. When leaving – together with the “scoop” that comes as a gift - I can guarantee you that you will drink your next cup of coffee with brand new eyes, nose and sensation!

For dates and classes, check the website or contact Gabrielle at

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soles 4 Souls ---New York free

Eneslow, Soles4Souls, the 23rd Street Association and Waste Not Want are working together to continue the work of helping the less fortunate. Soles4Souls has a simple mission: To impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. In times of natural disasters and major emergencies, Soles4Souls provides usable footwear for those who have lost everything. During the month of November and December, please donate all of the shoes you never wear, especially the ones that are gently used.
On December 3, you are invited for refreshments and networking with Super Bowl XXI MVP and 15-year NFL veteran Phil Simms:
DATE: Monday, December 3, 2007
TIME: 7:30 PM to the end of Monday Night Football
LOCATION: Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center
470 Park Avenue South, 32nd Street
RSVP: 212-477-2300, "0"
ENTRY FEE: Donate all the shoes you never wear