Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flavors from Andalucia

Toasty salty corn and lupines beans were two of the unique food items I tasted last week in Seattle during a private culinary presentation of Andalusian foods and wines.

From Tostaderos Sol De Alba, the toasted corn was crunchy and tasty. It is a great-dry-snack on the go and pairs nicely with a light, chilled white wine in the summer. The item is available in different flavors as BBQ and Spicy.

Saladitos brought their world-known lupines beans, a unique type of bean that can be eaten as a snack and an appetizer. Full in protein and healthy carbs, the lupines beans are not fried and are served cooked in a plate. Just bite, remove the skin and enjoy! The lupin seed is a legume and has been harvested since antiquity. You can read about the history of the lupines beans here.

Both products are not yet imported in the US market but let's hope that we will soon see them on the shelf!

For more information, visit the site of Extenda, the agency that promotes Andalusian products in the USA.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Seattle Chocolate Salon

Amano Artisan Chocolate won the Gold Award at the recent Seattle Chocolate Salon for the best dark chocolate and I am not surprised. This wonderfully balanced dark has a bold cocoa flavor but is smooth for the palate.

Forte Chocolates together with Wild Sweets won the Gold Award for the best milk chocolate. Both unique with unexpected flavors and interesting ingredients are creamy and satisfying without being too sweet.

The newly launched Gusto Chocolates won (together with Wild Sweets) the Gold Award for best flavored chocolate bars.

One of my favorites for its innovative ingredients and packaging was the TeaRoom Chocolate Company. Tea apparently matches well with cocoa flavors.

For information about the boutique Chocolate Salon, click here

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Crab for lunch in New Orleans

Next time you are in New Orleans, don't miss to visit Deanie's for lunch. On the picture it's the Stuffed Crab. This Louisiana blue crabmeat is stuffed with spices and served with a generous portion of French fries and coleslaw.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Julia's Dazzle 2012 Pinot Grigio Rosé Wine

Julia's Dazzle 2012 Pinot Grigio Rosé Wine comes from Washington State's Walla Walla region. This Rosé has a bright, eye-catching orange-strawberry color and is dry in style with sweet fruit flavors in the mouth. Serve it chilled with light dishes or as an aperitif. It contains 2% Sangiovese.

Available in the West Coast with an estimated price of $15 for the 750ml bottle.

The New Fully Booked

It's all new for Fully Booked. From now on, the site will showcase new wine releases, new grocery item launches, colorful cocktails and ethnic dishes from both home and distant lands.

Stay tuned to share my journey