Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So, you haven’t been invited ---Everywhere

Since my debut in the party and networking scene in 2000 in London, I was invited and attended many parties, networking groups, functions and more. And despite the great number of events I attended, I always feel the same excitement every time I receive the electronic invitation (or the paper one). My heart is beating fast, I am smiling and I can’t wait to the moment I will enter the door of another amazing (or not so) event waiting to be explored.

I can’t help thinking though. Why some individuals are always invited and some other don’t get any invitation what so ever? Why me, a very common human being, can’t figure out which event I should go to every evening (very often I have two or three to pick from) and a few others just sit in front of television to watch depressing news or silly shows?

Based on my ongoing research on “why some are invited and some others not”, I realized that one of the reasons is the following: those who are invited, ask for it! In other words, they just have a strong desire to be invited. This desire helps them materialize their actual invitation and therefore, event attendance. If you don’t desire to be invited or to go out to parties and events, you won’t take any action towards this direction. As a consequence, you won’t receive any invite and you won’t be present to any of the events happening every day.

But is this the only reason? No, it isn't. But this is the main and the important one. Strong desires are like fuel in our lives. Strong desires – or intentions- give us the energy we need to move on. It happens with everything and applies to each area. If you desire to move to Sydney, London or New York from your current place of residency, you will take all necessary steps to actually achieve the move. If you desire to go to College, you will get the good results in your SATs, you will get the financial support you need from your parents or the government and you will finally be accepted from your College of choice.

So, if you want to be invited, just have a real desire. I strongly believe that those of you who don’t go out too often, you just don’t wish for it. If you really want to go out, ask for it and it will come. Then take action.


Anonymous said...

I agree that you have to imagine or visualise something before it actually happens. So to be invited out more often, you have to imagine and want an active social life. I also think you need to be positive and say yes more often than no. I know people who say they want to do things but I know it will not happen for them. They either do not have the motivation or the intention but also lack imagination...

We'll Never Have Paris said...

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