Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Yorkers and time

I often ask myself what bugs me mostly in New Yorkers. Is it their rudeness, their naivety, their snobbishness or just lack of class? After serious thinking and self-reflexion, I realized that the only thing that really bugs me - a lot - is the fact that New Yorkers do not have a sense of time. As if they don’t want to grow up.

Being a guest of various parties in the Big Apple, I often face the inevitable. I can’t tell people’s age. Every single human being residing in NYC, is dressed pretty much in the same way: pair of jeans, tee-shirt, sneakers or flats. A few exceptions will be women’s flowery dresses in numerous venues but rather the cheap choice: Gap/Banana Republic/Urban outfitters etc. Is that a sign that they don’t want to grow up and move to the next level of adulthood? Maybe it’s their financial situation that does not allow them to buy designers or slightly more expensive outfits. In any case, the outcome is that everybody looks the same: new world second-life avatars in real time.

After the clothes, which is the physical indication of the “I don’t want to grow up process”, comes the lifestyle. Is it acceptable, if not normal, for all of them, citizens of NYC to have the same lifestyle? To do, at 45, the same things you were doing at 25 and 35? Aren’t all of them tired of the parties and gallery openings, same kind of clubs and restaurants, same taste for food even? Don’t they want to do something different, to experience new things, the pleasures of each decade or age? To my eyes, a 75-year old should spend some time with his grand-children in the park, not being drunk (or stoned) in Upper East Side parties late at night. “But this is how I remain young” a male in his late 40s told me the other week. “I want to socialize with young people and have fun”.

I am not against it. I never supported the view that you should stay in and watch TV at a later age. But respecting your age and what it comes with it, it’s not only growing-up. It’s accept yourself as a decent human being who has a variety of tastes, changeable with time. You may not watch boring TV but sharing an in-house cooked meal with the closest few friends that you thoroughly enjoy, is a gracious choice. Maybe not for a 25-year old but definitely for a someone who is approaching retirement.

But I said it. New Yorkers don’t like time and ageing. Stopping the time with the same pair of jeans, or tee-shirts might be a viable and cheap option. After all, botox will not be necessary– they will never age.



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