Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gym Project

Last week I visited the Smart Workout studio. This cosy, exclusive studio, five minutes away from Grand Central station, offers a variety of classes and workouts that can satisfy the most demanding gym goers. Except for plenty of exercise classes, you can experience the Hydraulic resistance workout and the pilates reformer. After one week in this studio, you will be hooked!

124 East 40th Street Suite 603 New York, NY 10016 Phone. 212.661.1660

Score card

Facilities: 10/10
There is a changing room, two toilets/shower rooms and plenty of lockers with their own key! You can find towels, elastic bands for your hair, free tea and magazines. The small room in the corner, acts as a “powder room” with blow-dryers, hand creams and lotion for the ladies (and possibly men).

Variety of classes: 10/10
Despite the size of the studio, there are plenty of classes you can attend: From Pilates Reformer and Yoga classes, to Ballet Burn, Tango Workout, Zumba Cardio Dance, On the ball and the Katami Bar to name a few. There is also the amazing Face Conditioning class, a relaxing “workout” for your face muscles!

Rate of difficulty: 8/10
I tried several classes but I will stay on the Katami Bar workout. It was the first time in my exercise life that I did a class using the Katami Bar. This is a total body workout, with the Katami bar as a resistance aid. The trapezoidal shape of this bar keeps your arms on an even plane, adding accuracy to your workout. The class is challenging: for 45 minutes you do a “body conditioning class” and the funky looks of the Katami do not ease but add extra power to your workout. Yes, it may sound more fun than using weights but it is a very demanding class. You will sweat and sigh but at the end you will feel really exercised and your muscles toned.