Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chocolate Show ---New York

Visiting a chocolate show is an interesting experience that includes all senses: taste, touch, feel, smell and view. Only the hearing can’t be satisfied from such a visit and feels lonely and unsatisfied. The chocolate show in Manhattan last week was both fulfilling and overwhelming. I entered the building from the press entrance, to my delight and I avoided the crowds. Or I thought so. On a Saturday afternoon, there might be hundred different things someone can do in NYC. But chocolate is always an attractive choice. In all forms: as food, cooking class, activity and even show. Despite the masses, I visited all stands and representatives of chocolatiers from all over the world. I also tried (or I should speak the words and say ATE) lots of chocolate! Too much choice, too much fun!

I also had the chance to attend a live seminar on how to prepare the “white chocolate pumpkin chiboust”. The chef, from the very well-known Buddakan restaurant was entertaining and reassuring: "If you cook veggies, don’t be afraid to add some fat". So butter is on the table! And cream. The outcome was a pleasant and tasty experience despite the fact that it wasn’t dark (rather yellow from the pumpkin). It looked and smelled good. My appetite was satisfied. And a number of my senses.

I admit it. I like chocolate. Although not a sweet tooth – I always give up dessert in a three-course dinner and I go for the coffee instead. But I like it plain (not in the form of muffin, cake, pie, brownie or tart). Milk it can be, with almonds, hazelnuts or raisins. And dark. And raw. White. With berries. Pralines. With pistachios. In small square pieces. Spicy chocolate (with chilies or piquillos). Tiny bars for the “petites” sized-people. I also like chocolate mousse, truffles, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate coffee. Yes, this show gave me the opportunity to experience with all of the above. Like a child in a candy store, I allowed myself to relax, eat and smell, play, touch and see. Now, I know. Chocolate is not only my favorite “sweet”, it’s the only one.

On my way out, I was overwhelmed but also inspired. I felt like Proust describing sensations while eating his favorite “madelaines”. For a 21st century blogger, chocolate has the same effect: brings feelings and memories but also imagination. And a delightful taste in my mouth.