Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where the event industry is going?

“Surprise them” was one of the ten cost-saving ideas for entertainment according to the event veteran/BizBash speaker (them goes to the clients of the event organizer). And this was indeed the case. This year’s BizBash expo attendees were surprised. With plenty of dancers, acrobats, M & S costume-dressed walking guys and half-naked, good looking men running around with leaflets and cookies, I was definitely surprised. But is this an upcoming trend for the event industry for this year or is just a boost to a declining entertainment industry in NYC? There was a lot of buzz, plenty of booze and overall, a vivid atmosphere at the Javits Center. The event ended with a series of Awards and a cocktail reception at the, just around the corner, Sir/Stage 37 lounge (I liked the space but I found it very “cloudy”, thumbs up for the sugar coated nuts and the great basil/vodka cocktail).

I will make a note on the food trends: the chocolate covered bacon pretzel stick, courtesy of Abigail Kirsch catering, a balanced taste that complemented the bread-ish flavor of the stick. I congratulate the edamame truffled dip, courtesy of the Hudson Terrace, a really unique taste. I also can’t say indifferent to the increasing appearance of raw tuna (and salmon) on pita chip or in the mini-cone.

The event veteran/speaker talked about hiring psychics and palm readers in your event as a way to impress and surprise the clients. But he didn’t tell us if the psychic can predict when the event industry will recover. But do we care? As long as I can grab the half naked guy, I am all set!