Friday, October 09, 2009

The maple glazed bacon doughnut

For the first time in my New York culinary life, I had the chance last night to taste the maple glazed bacon doughnut courtesy of 675 Bar. I didn’t have any particular expectations therefore, I can’t tell you that I was or not disappointed or satisfied. I found it crispier and far more sweeter than any other doughnut and slightly salty. Not a bad combination, rather nice, but not my ideal breakfast or lunch.

This was one of the bacon –inspired snacks offered by Thrillist’s Bacon and the Blues event last night (into the New York Wine and Food Festival). I would vote as the best of the night – although v. difficult to judge –the Mott’s balsamic braised nueskee bacon slab garnished with fried oysters over bitter greens (see photo). A perfect balance of pork-ish flavor that mysteriously matched amazingly well with the fried oysters. The second vote would go Libertine’s hazelnut crusted smoked pork belly.

Definitely not a night for vegetarians. Do they know what they are missing out?