Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Serena Bocchino's iPOP at Tria‏

iPOP: A Mixed Media Installation
October 22 - December 5, 2009

iPOP is the term used by artist Serena Bocchino to describe her latest body of mixed media work which includes paintings, "photo-paintings," painted figures and drawings. Using bright enamel and her unique pouring technique, Bocchino creates a true wonderland in this installation. The result is vital and dynamic; a colorful and surprising environment which combines high art with popular culture. Bocchino has an MFA in Painting from NYU. She has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. This is her second solo exhibition at Tria.

Reception for the artist:

Where: Tria Gallery, 531 West 25th Street, Ground Floor #5

When: Thursday, October 22, 6 - 8 pm