Friday, October 30, 2009

Interview with Diane Gordon, founder of Diane Gordon catering

I tasted the mouthwatering canapés of Diane Gordon Catering at the recent New York Wine and Food Festival. Diane accepted to answer my questions deliciously!

FB: How you came up with the Diane Gordon Catering?

DG: We've been known as Entertaining Ideas Catering since we started in 1993. After so many exciting years in the business we decided to spice things up and identify the brand more closely with my style of cooking and entertaining. I have a close relationship with each of my clients and Diane Gordon Catering shows that personal touch.

FB: What’s your favorite canapé from DG Catering?

DG: Our truffled wild mushrooms on sauteed risotto cakes. I love the combination of the creamy topping on the crispy base. It’s a year round favorite but in terms of a seasonal selection I’m a big fan of our filet of beef and ginger cream on pumpkin bread.

FB: Who is your ideal client?

DG: Someone with sophisticated taste who knows what they want but is open to my ideas and suggestions. I like to work with clients who have a gracious style of entertaining and who understand that parties should be fun.

FB: Coming winter, what will you be serving?

DG: Definitely braised short ribs and butternut squash, baked macaroni and cheese. On the lighter side, we’ll offer pan seared halibut with saffron, leeks and basil.

FB: What is your culinary secret?

DG: Season as you cook. When I eat out so much of the food I try tastes bland. A chef can use the finest ingredients but if you don’t season properly throughout the cooking process the end product won’t be great.

FB: Any particular favorite tastes?

DG: I have a serious sweet tooth. I particularly like caramel and butterscotch flavors. I love anything with a licorice or anise taste so I’m always raiding our walk-in fridge for fresh fennel.

FB: Your top three drinks are:

DG: Our featured specialty drink is a pear and elderflower martini. For the autumn we are serving a cocktail made with bourbon, amaretto, apple cider and a homemade cinnamon syrup. By far, the most popular drink we offer is a classic mojito.

FB: One food you really dislike:

DG: Bok Choy – I think it’s the only food I don’t like!

FB: 3 favorite must-haves in your cupboards are:

DG: A double concentrated tomato paste imported from Italy; Maille traditional Dijon mustard and Pearl River Superior Light Soy Sauce (which I purchase in Chinatown)

FB: Your next step will be to…

DG: Write a cookbook.

FB: And finally, what is your favorite gastronomic destination?

DG: Still and forever – France.

Diane Gordon Catering,, 212.289.1230,