Monday, October 12, 2009

New York Wine and Food Festival - final

The New York Wine and Food Festival is officially over but ending good food and high class eating is far from being over in the Big Apple. As a witness of the Grand Tasting on Saturday afternoon, I still remember the huge lines (those who paid a steep $150 for the 3-hour tasting), the free diet coke and of course the amazing, mouthwatering tiny portions offered from the best New York restaurants. Although food and tasting are both very personal, I applause Haru's tuna tartare on chip, Mercadito's Guacamole de piƱa, with pineapple, tomatillo pico, habanero and mint, Asia de Cuba's Asian pork ribs, La Esquina's red chili braised pork, and an unusual chocolate pumpkin and almond tortellini from a restaurant I can't remember. But the best of the best will go to the tiniest apple-pie with the miso ice-cream on top (see photo) that was offered at the Food Network's stand - can't recall the chef's name. Of course, generous offerings from the Delta lounge (champagne, cookies, peanuts and a wine seminar) in a buzzy environment.

The Murray's Cheese and Olive Oil Tasting at Fig and Olive restaurant was also of high quality and high attendance as expected. I will make a note for the huge lines once again, the lovely ambiance and of course the amazing cheese! The most unusual and peculiar taste was the creamy goat cheese mixed with bitter sweet chocolate, something that reminded of a buttery nutella but it was still worth mentioning and also tasty. I liked the ricotta with the caramelized walnuts and the drop of honey in a small cup, a rather unique way to eat cheese. Attendees also got Liz Thorpe's book, the Cheese Chronicles as a gift.

Finally, a big smile for the Illy push button house and the best good-looking guys of the show giving out espressos and cappuccinos. We will miss you!

I feel sad that the festival is over but I was privileged enough to be a part of it. As for all of us, bloggers, food writers, food experts and foodies in general, we will still have a lot of work to do. Eating and writing!