Sunday, October 25, 2009

The (perfect) goodie bag

It is called goodie bag, gift bag and recently I saw it as a swag bag! The bag that contains free gifts, small or big, for the attendees of an event is gaining ground in all New York happenings. Usually a paper bag but also found as environmental friendly made from cotton, is given to all participants when they enter but most often when they leave the venue. It is so popular that event goers go early to grab it in pride, ignoring adjectives as "cheap" or "poor" often attached to them. I often thought that people go to events to get the goodie bag without caring about what it is said or done throughout the night, therefore, event organizers want to get their attention by offering a nice bag with free gifts.

During my last three years of event going in NYC, I got bags with expensive items, bags filled with books only but also the odd and cheap ones in white-paper that only contained a pen and a tiny notebook. So, if you are lucky, you will score a magnificent bag with useful items inside. Products vary: from luxurious face cream to pillows and sewing kits, you name them - it all depends on the nature of the event and the budget of the event organizer/publicist. And if you don't like your bag, you can re-gift it, give it away or sell it on ebay!

Have a look at the pictures to view a swag bag I received at the recent Style Fixx event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Targeting only women, the event was generous with free cocktail offerings and free bustelo coffees, and generous was their gift bag. The list below describes what it was inside.

Foodies would satisfy their appetite with:
Necco wafers
Vitamin water
A pack of bustelo coffee
A luna cookie
An Atkins bar
Two Lindt chocolates (chili and sea salt)

Beauty obsessed got:
Lumiere mineral makeup
Sample of therme fuse hair serum
Sample of body cream
A large jar of YestoCarrots hair and scalp mud mask
A bottle of Mizani styling hair mousse
The Glamorous Kit (containing dress/lingerie tapes and push up pads)
Kotex pads
and the nailene French tip pen

I found this gift bag as one of the richest in variety of products. Except for the rather small beauty samples, it amazed me with the large portions of quality items and with useful Kits! The Lindt chocolates came as a sweet surprise, always appreciated!