Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Moschino/Elle Goodie Bag

I can't afford a Moschino bag. But as we are experiencing the exciting New York Fashion Week, invitations for fashion parties are numerous. Last night, at the Moschino and Elle Magazine party in the trendy MPD area, models, photographers and the crowds were all invited. When I arrived, I was told that they were over capacity so I had to wait at the door together with at least twelve more people. Soon, the person at the door was replaced to our luck and the new guy was a sweet heart. He waited for a while but when the first five guests left, he let us in. I managed to get a vodka cocktail, the only available at the time, looked at the colorful and rather bold Moschino fabrics, spotted a few magazine models, chatted to a couple of women and I was ready to go. On my way out, I saw women and men holding the ELLE goodie bag but I wasn't offered one. I am always pissed off when I observe some sort of discrimination in goodie bag "offerings". OK. I am not a six foot tall model and I don't wear Moschino but the women next to me did not either and she was holding one. After wandering around for a bit, I decided to go empty handed.

"Do you want a bag?" the man at the door asked me.
"I do", I replied as if I was about to accept the most amazing wedding proposal or job offer.
"Then go a get one", he replied.

And I did. I grabbed one. Here it is:

 What is inside: ELLE magazine, Moschino Red Bag and Tiny Box

Heart Chocolates in the tiny box          
The Moschino Red Bag contains samples of the signature Moschino Bubble Bath & Shower Gel; Silky Body Lotion; Glamour Perfume