Friday, February 18, 2011

The Little Brown Chocolate Bakery and Coffee

When I decided to visit the newly opened The Little Brown Chocolate and Coffee Bakery, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be a mainstream coffee shop offering also sinful chocolate drinks or a chocolate and dessert hunt? While approaching, I noticed its large and clean windows and the community tables. 

The door opened and I was in a coffee and chocolate haven. I saw customers eating mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies while checking the web, or sipping a large hot chocolate drink in those amazingly designed cups. Ordering my drink was a rather challenging task as the list was long and welcoming to everything. I went for the Nutella Cappuccino, a perfect blend of espresso, milk and chocolate-y Nutella; the result was a creamy and yummy drink I instantly got addicted to. While at the counter, I was surrounded by cookies, brownies and butter scotch bars, amazed with the abundant selection and range of desserts and pastries. 

Muffins, scones and croissants will be the standard choice for the culinary conservative; but if you are willing to try something else, go for the Chocolate Pillow, a soft cookie that melts in the mouth. Or for the Coconut and Pecan bar that pairs nicely with any coffee. If you keep an eye on your diet, you have the 100-calorie bite pastries choice so you have no excuses to leave the store empty handed. A cute novelty, first time seen in a coffee/chocolate bar, is the Fondue on the go, a box of hot chocolate with strawberries, bananas or marshmallows. 

So, all is new, clean and glutinous in the Little Brown Bakery. Visit yourself in UES to have a bite or two and don’t miss the Nutella Cappuccino or the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. All products are made with organic ingredients or come from local producers. The Little Brown is for both the chocolate and coffee fans. Once, indulge and have them both. It’s the chocolate and coffee love affair, as the wall says. 

Little Brown Chocolate Bakery and Coffee
1269 Lexington Avenue @ 85 street, NYC

The pecan and coconut bar