Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bacon and Pork still favorites

Those who predict that 2011 will be meat free lie (or they are just vegetarians and they miss meat!). I'd argue that it is a mistaken food trend, especially after attending the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival. From a quick look at the pictures, you will figure that out. Congrats on the Bubby's Brooklyn with the best mini BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Mara's Homemade brought a nice, southern flavor with their amazingly grits and some extremely hot sauces made participants cry.

I give 10/10 to the bacon, bourbon, butter and brown sugar infused popcorn courtesy of South Houston restaurant. In perfect balance of flavors, it was one of the best flavored popcorn I have ever tasted!

South Houston's bacon and bourbon flavored popcorn!

Bubby's Brooklyn   
Bubby's Brooklyn   

 Just fried bacon from Everyday Bacon

Cheese Grits from Mara's Homemade