Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010 - This year be "unusual"

And if I can get a man like him - definitely "unusual"!

One of the top consumer trends for 2010 is "Business Unusual" (together with Mass Mingling, Instant Reviewing and Fluxury). So, I decided to be "unusual" this year.

Unusual is not just different, my thesaurus says; it means strange, odd, curious, bizarre, extraordinary and remarkable. Therefore, here I am 2010, I will do my best to be all of the above.

I will be strange: I will try a new strange food once a month. And if I succeed, I will do it once a week (fyi: succeed means to not get food poisoning). So, some China town candies are on my way...

I will be odd: I will welcome odd people in my environment like the lady who threw away my Panettone during the New Year's Eve party just to show off her own berry pie. It was an odd action by an odd individual but eh...will give them a go. Who needs sanity in 2010?

I will be curious to explore new lands, cities, villages or just areas of the familiar. I will be curious to read book with odd titles, watch movies with uncommon themes and be out of my comfort zone. Curiosity is boosted by stimulating surroundings so here I am. I already created them.

I will be bizarre. I will buy bizarre items from my travels, maybe more bizarre shoes also? And I will just say the word bizarre more often!

I will be extraordinary but making the best job I can, say good words to people and smile more. I will also be invited to extraordinary parties. I am sure I will get those extraordinary invitations!

Finally, I will be remarkable. This is a challenge. Although I don't know how exactly to do it, I will make some sort of remarkable gestures. Today is the first one by investing for a good cause in a business in Africa (see And I will be remarkably positive, only seeing opportunity in every situation rather than problems.

2010 be unusual. For everybody!