Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

Greetings from San Francisco!

This is my first Fancy Food Show in the West Coast and I have to say it is overwhelming. I spent the entire day from 10am when the doors opened, to ten minutes to five before the press office doors closed. Less focused on countries compared to the East Coast show, the new products launched are numerous, there is a strong Australia presence, a natural and organic pavilion and a large American Cheese Society section.
I saw everything today but I didn't have the time to absorb so much information, concepts, ideas and tastes. My palate is confused, my mind full of descriptions, nutrients and colored packaging. A few notes from the floor:

1. Distributors, buyers and retailers are more focused on new packaging than nutrients or originality in taste

2. A strong presence of the food service professionals in the What's New, What's Hot section

3. Plenty of Tea exhibitors

4. Minimal presence of bread

So, only from the first day, my vote of the most innovative product that is not yet available in the USA comes from France and its name is Rebootizer. Otherwise known as the Anti-Hangover Shaker. This alcohol-free digestive drink is made of 100% natural plants and fruit extracts (liquorice, dandelion, melissa, artichoke, lemon and blueberry) that helps quickly remove all food excesses (meals, drinks, etc). It can be consumed at the end of the party night and therefore, prevents hangovers and improves parties days-after. Just mix the water and the powder by squeezing the top of the pouch, shake for 15 seconds, tear and drink.

More authentic, hot, fun items tomorrow. Stay tuned!