Friday, July 31, 2009

IKEA's new catalog and top trends for the fall

Grey color with the walnut comeback, curvy shapes and bold patterns are the new, fall IKEA trends that may well affect the furniture and design industry as a whole. In a simple, quiet and simple venue in Chelsea, IKEA presented their new 2010 product catalog. Lower prices together with sleek and smart design dominate the catalog this year but also innovative, cutting-cost techniques: no-air, flat packing.

I liked the new laptop table, an adjustable height and angle for comfortable seating, while surfing or working. Storage boxes from recycled plastic bottles in various colors, new curvy-shaped, transparent vases and noise-free kitchen drawers make also their appearance.

But as frugality is one of IKEA’s values (together with honesty and simplicity), frugality was fully present. I was only offered a cup of coffee and water, a big difference from the lavish champagne and canap├ęs parties they successfully hosted the previous two years that I had the chance to attend. At least IKEA is honest...when prices are going down, there is no place for bubbly.

IKEA also takes a step further to help children in developing countries with their SUNNAN solar-powered lamp. The SUNNAN lamp runs on solar cells that transform sunlight into electrical energy, providing light for the child recipients who were previously unable to draw, write or read after sunset because they have no electricity at home.

On my way out, I had my shopping list in hand. I wish I had a glass of champagne too!