Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fancy Food Show (1)

With more than 2,300 exhibitors representing more than 70 countries, the Fancy Food Show closed its doors yesterday at 4pm (not avoiding embarrassing controversies as probably expected). After spending three half days tasting new, innovative, weird, tasty and not tasty flavors and foods, I ended up being confused but also nicely surprised at new products.

So, what is new in this year's FFS?

1. The amazing presence of Thailand, Chile and Peru

2. The mouthwatering new Vosges chocolate ice creams

3. The small, controlled portions of snack foods

4. The fusion (and confusion) of flavor and taste in peanuts, chocolate, cookies and sauces

5. The nice surprises that came from Africa

Here are a few pictures for you and for your increasing appetite. Details to follow.