Friday, July 03, 2009

Fancy Food Show (3)

Fancy Food Show continues. What I liked the most and I applause:

1. Thailand and its innovative presentation with give aways of fresh Thai fruit - Mangosteen and Langsat, both similar to lychee but also amazing, innovative recipes as the sticky rice served with coconut ice cream! (see picture).

2. Peru food tastings some of which consisted of the well-known Peruvian causa with crab meat and tuna salad on top and ceviche de Lenguado but also a series of desserts I can't even name right now....

3. The Chilean tastings with the corn puree based samplings together with their delicious wine pairings and with their panacota desserts. I also want to give thumps up to the original Wine infused jellies of Chile. Alma Sol offers jellies made from Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay wines amongst others. A different taste, if you like the mix of the wine with the sugar, it's definitely for you.

But there weren't only those countries that impressed with their presence. A series of weird but also innovative food items astonished but also confused the visitors. I will start with the green tea infused gourmet shortbread cookies, this taste is only for those who 1. like shortbread 2. like green tea. Not really my cup of tea...

I can't leave out one of my preferred, the wasabi peanuts as seen at the The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg stand, providing bold and spicy flavors of Japanese horseradish to their extra large Virginia peanuts. Another favorite was the Yin & Yang, a sweet-hot flavor combined with the Praline glazed peanuts, just amazing!

A stop at the Azar Nut Company gave me the opportunity to also taste Jalapeno cashews, Honey chipotle pecans and cinnamon almonds, great ideas for your summer parties but also unique tastes if you do like nuts and spices. Another authentic idea, not seen in the Chocolate show last October, was the nacho dipped in chocolate from the Vosges Chocolate. A real sin.

I will give the prize of the most delicious, balanced and inventive product of this Show to the new ice-cream flavors created by Vosges chocolate. Currently, they offer the following four flavors: Naga, Pandan, Red Fire and Wattleseed with Naga being my best and the award winning for this season. It is a sweet Indian curry with fresh young coconut and creamy custard ice cream. A pure and delightful experience. The Red Fire is also unique with Mexican chipotle chillies, cinnamon and dark chocolate ice cream.

Naga. Voted the best. Fancy Food Show of 2009 and Vosges, thanks for the inspiration!