Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fancy Food Show (4)

What I didn't like in the Fancy Food Show:

1. The unbearable boredom of Italian and Greek food (and not only). Come on guys. There is more than olive oil, Parmesan cheese, feta cheese and dolmades. Innovate a little. It will be good for you and for your customers

2. Fatty, wheat based, sugary products. Hasn't anyone told you that they are not good for your health?

3. The exhibitors who refused to give away samples saying "we only give them to our customers". My question is "how do you know that I am not your customer?". This is the worst marketing ever. Give out free samples and you will get more customers. Just thumbs down for Dolfin chocolates - they turned me down for a free sample stating the phrase above. The truth is though that I am a customer. Or better, I used to be. I won't buy chocolates from Dolfin any longer.

4. Finally, the rude way security people tried to convince visitors to give up on their freebies moments before the end of the Show. Didn't you know what? It's a yearly tradition that exhibitors give out food and products for marketing and PR purposes. And as such, they have to be respected. If you want to confiscate food that has been offered as a free gift, make it clear to the exhibitors and ask them not to offer their products for free before closure BUT treat guests and visitors with respect. I still wonder who is going to consume the leftovers. It is said that non-for-profit organizations like City Harvest collect the remaining items for the homeless.

Is this true?

If it is, I congratulate the organizers of NASFT and everybody else who is involved. But why I saw some huge amounts of olives thrown away in a trash can? Shame on those who trash food like this. There is so much food left and so many hungry people in New York. Don't throw it away. It's really a disgrace.

And please, I don't want to talk to another obnoxious security guy. I got some freebies but I managed to sneak out easily.

This is all good.


koshergourmetmart said...

it may be true you might be a customer but vendors pay lots of $$ and the samples should be going to the retailer who may place an order.