Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fancy Food Show (2)

Before I comment on food, recipes, presentation and the instructions of NASFT regarding "take out food", here are some stats for this year's FFS:

- Honey was presented by 153 companies featuring honey in candy, drinks and condiments

- Blood orange flavor also seems to be on the rise particularly for jams, marmelade and juices

- Sea salt has a popular use in chocolate and even brownies

This year wasn't about Organic (I don't remember being the trend last year either). But it was about natural ingredients, no artificial colors or sugars and controlled portions. So, thumps up for the Lesser Evil snacks, with the 40 sticks, 110 calories a serving snack. I also liked the real sliced crisp fruit, fruit that are not dried but actually freeze-dried, available in 7 fruit varieties. I also welcome the Bodhi fruit chips, a healthy, tasty 100% natural snack in 4 flavors. Glee Gum was present with a tasty gum with natural ingredients and rain forest chicle in tangerine, berry, peppermint, cinnamon, bubblegum and spearmint flavors. And finally, a sweet addition with the gluten free breads, cookies and crackers offered by Aunt Gussie's.

To move to something far less healthier but probably much tastier, the limitless combinations of Sunland peanut butter with ...something else. Peanut butter with banana, peanut butter with cinnamon, with caramel and with dark chocolate to name a few. Together with some portions of the Romanicos Dark Chocolate Bars (with ginger, cayenne pepper, wild cherry, soy beans, honey and figs) will make the ideal pairing of pleasure but also a guarantee that will put an end to the diet you just started!