Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird, Funny and the Trends from the Fancy Food Show

The Fancy Food Show was over a few days ago and my mouth is still full with tasty, funky or some terribly strange foods. This show was awesome: innovative products, funny items, colors and creativity was what I noticed. From chocolate mushroom cookies to the Mona Lisa made with jelly beans to the mouthwatering potato chips from La Mar restaurant, they were all worth trying and mentioning on this blog. Exhibitors were helpful and serious and not so much into "partying" mood; on the contrary, they seemed to be far more professional than the previous years.

The trends:

On the go packaging//100 calories snacks: 

It used to be more of a novelty but now it has become an established trend. Now more than ever, individuals are sensitive about calories and fond of small portions in a pack  – two cookies, 3 crackers, a half energy bar, a piece of chocolate instead an entire bar. I particularly liked the Tabasco chocolate (made by the chocolate traveler), the GoPicnic ready-to-eat meals the new Slims snacks from Trumps Food.

It seems that the single item products for the on-the-go customer are doing pretty well. Admit it, it is easier to control your calories without avoiding your favorites flavors. One slice of Tabasco chocolate will do the work. And you get to keep the tin box!

Grain based chips but also cereals for breakfast

We know Beanitos (bean chips), Plocky’s Hummus Chips, Falafel Chips and Baked Lentil Chips. I also discovered the Green Pea and Mung Bean Chips from Japan, something entirely new. But you can also taste  Crunchfuls made from Pulseeds (nutrient-rich seeds of pulse crops, more commonly known as lentils, dry beans, dry peas, dal, and chickpeas) in your cereal bowl. But would you like to have this for breakfast? Rather a weird trend I would say...

Celebrities and their own products

Cat Cora's partnership with Gaea products and she now has her own olive oil, spreads and vinegars. Gia Russa launches his Guy Fieri's BBQ Sauces and Salsas. And Duff Goldman has a cake decorating line. Are celebrities really hungry for more publicity or they just want to present their own products on air?

                                                    Cat Cora speaking

The funny and creative stuff

Look at those happy St Patrick's hats/cookies!

A piece of art made with jelly beans...

The product that makes you smile and say "you are great in marketing": jelly beans shaped as peas and carrots....Terrible for kids.


Footnotes - observations: 

1. Less chocolate or in smaller stands
2. The powerful presence of California with excellent products
3. Lots of cheese - primary from North America

And what is this?

Not what comes in mind first!!!