Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going GF at 50,00 feet

I haven't been a great fun of pasta, white bread, cakes and pastries. I don't even remember to have finished an entire muffin all by myself and I hate cupcakes. So the gluten free diet (otherwise GF) is pretty much self-evident. So I am happy to announce first to myself and then to the readers that I am GF in my kitchen. Eating out is far more challenging because everything contains wheat (even yogurt). So, I am 95% GF when I am out and about. How can I make it when I attend food festivals, tasting sessions and so many evening parties? It's simple, I don't eat the "white" flour based items and when I need to taste something I just have a bite.

The two meals together: on the left GF and on the right the "mainstream"

How it comes!

 But my GF diet is not compromised only on the earth. I go GF when I fly as airlines allow me to select my meal. That is a whole different story. First, special diet diners/passengers get their meal first and together with their meal get the angry looks of co-passengers who patiently wait for theirs. Don't rush into conclusions though. The GF tray is far from being exciting. It usually contains the warm meal with protein and veggies, a salad, a fruit salad, rice crackers, a piece of cheese, butter and a plastic cup of water! Looking at the tray of the lady sitting next to me (who is no GF), I could see that instead of the fruit salad was offered a mini chocolate cake and even fresh bread (whatever that means on 50,000 feet).  That was the dinner on the overnight, overseas flight. A few hours later, it was already time for breakfast and here came my tray again: rice crackers, butter, marmalade, orange juice, water (!) and yogurt. Not a huge difference from the lady next to me who instead of the rice crackers was given a croissant (in a plastic bag). But the view of a croissant broke my heart a bit. Especially when the flying attendant was walking around offering freshly heated croissants with a smell that broke even my nose...

I forgot to tell you... The 5% of the time that I am not GF, this is what I eat: croissants, panettone and the occasional cheese pie.

As for the cup of water included in the GF tray, I can't figure that out. I just drink it.