Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cooking with the top food blogger in Thessaloniki @ Partisan

What is Koparanis holding in his hand?
He was named one of the two TOP food blogger of the country (if you understand Greek, read him here). Koparanis invited me to cook with him at Partisan on 12.26. The menu, what else, party food from New York! We decided on savory popcorn, spicy mixed nuts, corn bread with dips (artichoke-cheese and red pepper-cheese), filets on chip, marinated tuna on rice crackers and chocolate balls. The staff was excited with our preparations, asked a lot of questions, avoided the raw fish (too fishy for some people) and my guest/nephew couldn't stay away from the filets on chip!

I was thrilled with the parmesan popcorn and the spicy mixed nuts -which I reproduced at my kitchen a few days later. The tuna and the filets were superb and don't get me started with the chocolate balls: pure pleasure!

Witness our kitchen adventure below. Recipes upon request.

Making the mix for the spicy nuts
Corn bread fresh from the oven
Spicy nuts - ready to eat!
Parmesan popcorn

Corn bread and dips!
Filets on chips

Chocolate balls!

The result, tasty and pretty
Fullybooked with an apron