Friday, January 02, 2009

My best party food trends

I decided to welcome 2009 by being self-centered. So, I am going to forget the "objective" elements of New York party scene and I am going to present what I like the best as a party/event guest.

1. Raw tuna on potato chip canapé, for gluten-free fans and not only

2. Champagne (the real one), not the Peruvian sparkling!

3. Mature asiago, aged gouda and cheddar cheese with dry apricots and berries - no bread please!

4. A mini turkey slice on cranberry bread canapé

5. Skewer with a tiny square of yellow cheese, one grape and quince - a masterpiece in a stick

6. Exotic Colorful chips in large bowls (orange carrots, blue potatoes and green kabocha squash) , a mouthwatering but also an eye experience

7. Macaroons of all sorts: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, passion fruit. Have one and become like Proust in "In search of lost time" when he was tasting the famous madelaines!

8. Chocolate: plain, dark, with no pretext and no excuse - have at least two pieces

9. Chocolate popcorn in large bowls self-served in paper bags

10. Caramelized and spiced nuts served in large, transparent bowls with a spoon