Monday, December 29, 2008

Food Trends in New York 2008

2008 is nearly over. A year of events, parties and invitations will come to end giving its place to the new born 2009. With a quick glance at my red 2008 calendar (notebook), I realized that I attended nearly 200 parties and events this year (this number includes gallery openings, store events and product launches, food festivals, lifestyle shows, fashion events, book presentations and a handful of house parties). I, indeed, feel blessed to have witnessed the New York events scene and with no more excuses or delays, I will make a note on the NY food and drink party trends that marked this year.

1. Red and White wine. It is from California, South America or Australia with the exceptional Italian or French, wine drinking is far more popular than beer in the NY party scene. And I am not complaining!

2. Minuscule hamburgers: you will find them in fashion and store parties and event organizers launches. Those mouthwatering bites are my best friends in moments of painful hunger or after excessive alcohol intake. Never undervalue them. They might be small but they are tasty.

3. Yellow cheese: from Parmesan to vintage Parana, yellow cheese is always a must-offer in NYC parties. It's easy to grab, easy to eat and easy to digest (in theory at least) so wherever you go, you will find it. Most of the times in the company of various types of crackers and bread.

4. Minuscule crab cakes. I often feel that they are made for the non-carnivores, those who are vegetarians but they still eat fish. I don't want to repeat myself. See my comments under Minuscule hamburgers. You will get it!

5. Bread sticks. Forget the low carb diets. It seems that bread sticks have become a very popular choice of party attendees. Italian style or just the standard American, you will find them in a number of events. And if you like them, have a bite!

6. Macaroons and mini cupcakes. Macaroons are not everywhere but their presence is significantly increasing. Crusty, creamy and with the almond taste left in the mouth are definitely my favorite "sweet" reward. I can't say the same for cupcakes. They are everywhere (it's New York after all, don't forget it) but the combination of sugar with the fake, colorful whipped cream on top have made them my worst enemy.

7. Champagne. No comments. My favorite. Dom PĂ©rignon, Veuve Clicquot or whatever. French Champagne is here to stay. Indulge with no guilt.

PS: Comments are personal obviously but all of the above are pretty much everywhere based on my blurry and almost thirty pages of food notes from the party scene.