Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spice up your drinks is not only an invitation and party blog. It's a blog that covers everything related to parties and events and also lifestyle. Therefore, the following posting fits very well on the site.

The blog will start, hopefully, write-ups on funky, interesting and bizarre foods, recipes and lifestyle aspects from all over the world, not only the Big Apple!

If you are bored with the daily and occasionally boring wine, cheese and crackers, experiment with something else. Why don't you try your Chardonnay with candy? The best pairing will be with, the very popular to children, corn teeth candy. Your glass of Cabernet Sauvignon will match perfectly with my favorite licorice, Port goes well with chocolate and Twizzlers with Pinot Noir. If wine is not your "cup of tea" and you opt for whisky, try it with caramel toffee. Tequila, finally, is nicely accompanied in your palette with spicy, cinnamon candy. Welcome to a brand new world of alcohol drinking!

If wine and candy pairings do not appeal to you, why you don't give a new name to your drinks or cocktails for your party, event or just for your night in? During the recent presidential inauguration, bars and lounges offered the Obama Mamas, Obama slammers and Biden's Apt. Moreover, the Japanese dessert bar Kyotofu has recent announced its hot cocktails:
Kyotofu Chocolatini, a steamed chocolate black soybean cocoa with white sesame shochu whilst the Spiked Hot Apple Cider is a combination of spiced apple reduction, cranberries and shochu.

Happy drinking!