Monday, February 19, 2007

Tea and Coffee

Comparing New York to London and London to New York is a daunting, challenging and interesting task. I knew I was in trouble since the very first day I decided to create such a blog. Both of those two metropolis, offer variety, multiculturism, plenty of ideas, design, activities and trends. I know London much better. I spent seven years of my life there. But despite my six months in NYC (with the exception of the stints as a tourist), I feel that I “learn and read” it relatively quickly.

“Are there many coffee shops in NYC”, asked me a dear friend from London who never visited New York. “Yes”, I said “that’s the only thing you will surely find in New York. Cafes and coffee shops. In every corner”. She didn’t say anything. “But do New Yorkers drink tea too?”. Ah. That I didn’t expect. “They do” I said “but not so much compared to the Brits”. Speaking of tea, I was out tea tasting on Saturday in East Village. The tea shop with the funny name is called Sympathy for the Kettle. On Saturday, they had a tea tasting open house. Generous was the selection you could choose from: Organic Silver Needle, Lung Ching, Sencha, Rwandan, Darjeeling second flush and finally Organic Citron oolong. I tried them all and I found them unusually tasty and refreshing.

Yes, New York after all is an international place. Tea is not its first priority I would say (pizza might be) but you can get good tea to satisfy your taste and your britishness.

I am not a tea fanatic. I am a coffee drinker really. But my approach to tea changed significantly after having spent so many years in Britain. Now I know what Earl Grey and Assan are and I can enjoy a cuppa in the afternoon. No milk please!

I will be back with the same topic: coffee and tea, London and New York. Soon. Watch this space


New York
If you are into New Age, yoga and Indian philosophy, ABC carpet & home organize the Gateway to India month. Lectures, presentations, events and some food, all are provided in their Broadway store for a month from now. Visit for a schedule of events. I had the chance to see Deepek Chopra on Friday night! A Hollywood Oscar winning actress was there too.

The International Confex exhibition is approaching once again. I am really sorry that I will miss it this year. Targeted mainly for the hospitality and events industry professionals, is open to the public free of charge. If you want a change from your current job or industry, visit this amazing exhibition to experience new hotels, travel destinations, theme parks and more! You will get a lot of freebies and you will eat and drink well during those three days – all compimentary offerings from major hotel outlets, travel organizations and event organizers., 20-22 February, 2007, Earls Court, London.