Saturday, February 24, 2007

Food for thought

During the last few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking of my future in New York city, the new sublet or room sharing I need to find before the end of the month, my job hunting (or freelance work hunting), London and why I left it six months ago, how cold the weather is in the Big Apple and so on. And I won’t mention topics as the situation of the subway, the people on the streets and how rude they are, the absence of space, the poverty rates and the mice!

And although “critical” thinking is good when you study in College, write essays and articles for publication or do your taxes, very often excessive thinking can get the opposite results. Or, you get no results at all. What I am trying to say is that occasionally is better not to think. In my case, we are talking about “comparative thinking” (London vs New York and vice versa). Creative so far, it has generated at least a blog (that may or may not be interesting or useful, I don’t know). But will it bring out my best-self or my “comparative” self? Will it bring opportunities or limitations? Will my thinking help me evolve or stay still? My questions are all on the right direction but I am afraid they need more thinking to be answered!

On the topic of thinking and thought: what else will it fit better than last night’s show entitled “Food for thought” at the MaMa experimental theatre club? This unconventional, interactive and musical theatrical event was more of an invitation for cooking and eating than actual acting. Actors sing, dance, perform, talk about food, cook and eat! Audiences on the other hand, are invited to become part in this culinary experiment by tasting the food the performers had cooked for them (last night, we tasted some salad, apples, the Mexican molĂ© and plenty of cookies). If this play fails to deliver “acting” results, it definitely succeeds at offering both food and thought!

As for me, no more thinking this coming Oscar weekend. Time for the red carpet, fancy dresses (those you don’t really see in New York) and outrageously expensive bags!


Only tonight 2-24 and tomorrow 2-25
La MaMa etc
74A East 4th St. NY, NY 10003 212.475.7710 Office Hours: M–F 10am–6pm


Opening on Saturday, Feb. 24
Brooklyn Artists Gym Gallery is proud to announce it's first photography show, LOOK SEE :: PHOTOGRAPHS ON REFLECTION.
The opening reception with the artists is this Saturday from 6:00-9:00. Please come enjoy some wine and some amazing photographs.
Over 50 artists have have been chosen who have taken on the theme of reflection and initiated their own exploration. The quality of the work and the depth of the conversation is stunning.