Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Take the L

As a present Brooklynite, I very often get the L line. Actually, I take the L line a few times every day. Let’s admit it. It’s not the best line in the city. Once I had to wait for a Manhattan bound train for twenty-five minutes. Another day, the train was not only late but also jam-packed with millions of Brooklynites so the doors couldn’t open. And, don’t get me started on weekend construction work and the replacement buses (I will compare the subway to London Underground in a different posting soon).

But the L line is fun. Grey colored, same as “my” London Jubilee line that has replaced, brings good memories. Very close to Manhattan, the commute is really short. Mostly full with arty, trendy and weird twenty something year-olds with various accents and funny language. Nearly all of them live in Williamsburg by conscious choice - not only because it is cheaper. “Manhattan is so outdated, nothing happens there” someone told me on the L line once, local neighbor. “Don’t go there. Everything happens here in Williamsburg”. The only sad experience I have to report after being on the L for a few months now is that it makes me feel old. I am probably the oldest person on this train, almost ten years older than an average passenger. Yes, the L introduces brand new ways of looking at my wrinkles too!

But the coolest thing happened on the L platform last Saturday.

I found a yellow post-it note on the subway’s map saying:


Life is good, take the L. This is what I do. A few times a day.
Life is good in Brooklyn. Manhattan you are so over!

Events in NYC:

The author of The New York Trilogy and the The Brooklyn Follies and well-known Brooklynite, Paul Auster will be at Barnes and Noble, Union Square, today at 7pm. Don’t miss him.

Back at Galapagos after popular demand, the musical Little Building is back for an extended run.
Visit http://www.galapagosartspace.com/friday2.html for more information and to book your ticket.

Various private parties are happening this week but unfortunately, I can't publicize them. Sorry!

In London

Capital Woman

Each year, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, invites both women and men to Capitalwoman to celebrate Women’s Day. Don’t miss this free event. You will have the chance to meet the Mayor, question him directly, attend workshops and seminars, listen to a number of inspiring speakers and learn what the London Authorities do about women in the city! I was a “regular” for the last four years. Tip: go early, there are quite a few people going. Lunch, coffee and, of course, tea and biscuits are provided free of charge.

I’d love to see something similar in New York City. Any chance Mr. Bloomberg ?

Click on the link to register:
Date: Saturday 3 March 2007. Time: 10am - 5.30pm. Location: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and Central Hall Westminster