Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Gym project

Last weekend I visited the Lucille Roberts, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1-800-USA-LUCILLE. URL: www.lucilleroberts.com.

I did the Fit ball class on Saturday at 11:30 am. The class was fun but also challenging: first fifteen minutes warming-up with steps, step-touches and grapelines, followed by pure strength exercises with weights, the bar and the ball! The instructor was quick, on the spot and never stopped for a breather herself (she was excersing with us!). Despite the sweating, the total of 50 minutes were not enough, not for me. Nice, I dare to say. I felt much lighter afterwards.

Score card

Facilities: 5/10. Entering Lucille Roberts Fitness for Women gym at Fifth Avenue, I was expecting luxury combined with toughness. I didn’t find the luxury. A basic large gymnasium with machines that was also the exercise class room. The changing rooms were next to the toilets and showers in an open space (no real door!). Towels were not provided and to my astonishment not even mats (at least I didn’t see any). Get you own towel, mat and lock. Do I need to mention the large posters on the walls saying “60% of women are overweight”. Is this good marketing?

Variety of classes: 7/10. From the exercise class program I found online, I can see a variety of classes. What is missing is frequency. I recommend the Fit Ball Class. I might try the All in One, Kick, Punch and Crunch or the Upper Cuts and Abs.

Rate of difficulty: 7/10 (for the Fit Ball Class).


The Forest Fire band (Experimental / Rock / Psychedelic) will be releasing their CD tomorrow, February 21st at Zebulon, 258 Wythe Ave. @ Metropolitan, Brooklyn, New York 11211. Join them for a special night. Free entry!

Live music at REBAR, on Thursday February 22nd. This Thursday, Open Trio, a mix of Post-Bop, Ambient Electro, DUB and Drum n Bass. Rebar @ 147 Front Street at Dumbo. It's a nice hangout after work. Excellent Belgian beers!

Don’t miss the famous Carnival Germanic Party, once again. Visit http://www.germanic-london.com/home/home/index.html to register for the party this coming Saturday February 24th. If you like fancy dresses and costumes, dancing and German beer, it's your spot!