Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why I don't like New York City

I decided it. I don't really like New York. Three months on the ground of the Big Apple, I today declare it that New York sucks. And it's not only that you have rude people on the streets and the polution or the humidity.

There is a full whole list of reasons.

Rude people on the streets
Arrogant fool people on the streets and parties
Low living standards
The subway
The weather
Sublets and housing
Yellow cab drivers
Sales tax and my favorite
Too many dogs!

Subleting is an interesting topic as I am experiencing it myself. It's almost a business. How do you do it? You get a lease and then you sublet the apartment to someone else but you double the price. Isn't that nice? When it actually happens "legally" because the landlord/owner knows pretty much everything.

What can I say about people on the streets? New Yorkers are strange arrogant individuals who really miss space. So, when the opportunity of ownership of a well-defined and needless to say tiny, physical space presents itself whenever that is (super market, deli, bookstore, street...), they take it and they declare it as theirs. Nobody can access it, it's almost illegal. In the deli, you have to face the trolley. "I go down the aisle, I have to do it, I don’t care for anyone else who will interrupt my way", they say pampering their ego. No matter what happens in the super market, New Yorkers will continue driving their trolley down the aisle, even if there is a disaster in front of them. “Who cares, I picked my apples, my pumpernickel bagels and pastrami!” the ego replies.
In a city that geographic space is definitely a matter of discussion or even a PhD, New Yorkers know exactly what to do to claim it. Just show arrogance. Persistence. Be self-centered. Ignore anyone else. I am the only one.

And please, don't get me started on the subway which is falling apart, is dripping, smelling various unpleasant things and does not have electronic timers to announce the next train. What's the difference from a third-world country?

New York is great if you are Donald Trump or Julia Roberts. Because you have the freedom to leave when the weather is not good enough, there are better shows somewhere else and those fantastic shoes can only be bought in Milan or Rome. New York is great only when you are free to leave it at any given time. And ideally, never come back.

Events, events, events:

For New York:

Opening reception, Friday 12/1/2006, 7pm to 10pm
@AG Gallery103 N.3rd Street, Ground Fl.Brooklyn, NY 11211
Please come and check out wide range of Limited and Unlimited Editioned works from Silkscreen, Etching, Woodcut and so on. Affordable artwork can be great Christmas gifts.

Check out the Mobile Monday events at Samsung store in Time and Warner Building.
The last Monday of the month. For the techies and those of you who love cell aka smart phones and mobile technology

For London

For the second year running Go East London, in conjunction with Hidden Art have organised two walking tours around London's design districts, that weave in and out of areas scattered with studios and taking in the sights and sounds of the town.

Blue Badge Guide Rachel Kolsky traces the development of arts and crafts in an area once London's Theatreland and centre of its furniture trade. Now home to artists, designers and galleries you will also hear the history of the local flower and animal markets before ending at the East London Design Show.
How to book: Each tour costs £7 per person and will last approximately 2 hours.
Book online through the Hidden Art E-shop at www.hiddenartshop.com or call 0207 7729 3800 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm) to book over the phone with your credit card details. Bookings are limited to four people. You will receive further details with confirmation of your booking.
BOOK NOW and receive a Hidden Art Milano Bag in the post!