Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gyms in NYC

I haven't been exercising regularly since I moved in the Big Apple. Not that I missed it since I walk on average two hours a day. Walking is a good exercise according to many doctors, physicians, personal trainers and the whole of the "health" industry. Lately though I decided that it was about time I visited a gym to exercise and to compare again with London.

I started with a Pilates Studio. I picked the open class and I went in my pilates outfit. The studio was cosy but so small there wasn't enough space to walk around. I asked if there was a changing room and the very polite reception girl pointed the room across. Very tiny indeed but this changing room allowed me luckily enough to change without accidents. When the class started, I couldn't really hear what the trainer was saying because just next to me a personal pilates trainer had a session with her client, and we were all in the same space! On the other side, someone else was training two students in the reforming pilates machine. The class was good but I don't think I will go back. When I pay $15 for an hour, I need a peaceful environment to concentrate on the exercise, not to see my neighbour’s hairy arms!

Today I visited a gym. I have a free week pass so I can use it any day, any time for anything I want to do. Well, I decided to take the recess class with someone called Drew. That was one of my life's biggest mistakes. I know now. This class wasn't just a cool exercise class, it was preparation for the Marathon! This Drew guy asked us to do about 35 lunges with weights, followed by 25 press ups, some jumping on the step, and something else I don't remember because I am so indescribable exhausted. The final request was to stay for two minutes still in the press up position, that was the "stretching". That was the final shooting!

I don't know if I will go back to this gym and use this week's free pass. One thing is certain. I don't want to see or hear the Drew name again.


In New York

Well, that came from a personal emailing list: Kathlin Argiro "STYLE ME CHIC" with Social Diva, this coming Thursday November 16th at 6pm. Visit the site to book but hurry! There are only 200 seats for this event.

In London

I mention the Spread the Word organization a few days ago. The organize another event, this time for novelists to be. NOVEL PITCH - give your writing the X-factor is taking place on December 2nd, at Stratford Circus, London E15 1BX and it costs £5. Visit the site for more information.


Anonymous said...

The reason I moved from living in a big city is because I felt I needed more space. I become more and more grumpy the more crowded out I feel. I enjoy visiting London but after a day I have had my fix and want to return home. Home is a small place near Cambridge, England. Cambridge is a place I am becoming more and more fond of. It is a small city but there are lots of nice cafes, restaurants and a good arts cinema and art galleries.
As for going to the gym, I have ditched these sweatboxes for going for a swim instead. You can work out but still stay cool in the water. I am a regular swimmer now and it has got to the point where the other regulars say hello and I feel like I've joined some kind of exclusive private club known as the "early bird swimmers".