Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wealthy New York

I had the chance to attend the Wealth Expo in NYC this past weekend. It was long and exhausting and controversial and fun. All of those adjectives describe my experience. And that included a 12-hour long Saturday and a 12-hour long Sunday. Actually, on Sunday the first speaker started at 7.30 am!

Yes, it was worth it just for the experience. But let me be straight and honest. It's not the first time that I went to an event with famous and successful, inspirational speakers. No. This time though I saw quite a few of those people simultaneously together with 15,000 other participants. I saw the very famous Antony Robbins who shake the audiences with this energy, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author and investment expert Robert Kiyosaki with his eccentric but nonetheless truth ideas and the very famous New Yorker who does not need special introductions - Donald Trump. And many other gurus and experts who talked about property and real estate investments, entrepreneurship, stocks and shares, and free money from the government. Yes, it was an amazing event - I continue with my adjective list as you see...Wealth is a hot topic, so hot that attracts 15,000 participants who paid from $99 to $400 to attend for the whole weekend.

But I can't help thinking. How many of those participants, all of us, who spent 24 hours during the last two days are actually wealthy? How many of us have so much money that we can put down money for commercial or residential property, foreclosures, stocks and shares or serious start-up businesses? How many of us learnt the secret of affluence and prosperity within 48 hours that we can become Donald Trump and Antony Robbins?

Some. Many. Few. I don't really know. Donald Trump said it right. The money making process is an art. And it does not belong to everybody.

After 48 hours of intense intellectual work, I have a headache. I go through my notes now and all I can see are words like: wealth, money, millionaires, success, financial freedom, dreams, cruise ships...and others...But I don't think I can find the word happiness in this list. Because nobody taught us how to be happy. How to choose from the heart, not from the brain.

This is where the real wealth is. Making choices from the heart.

In New York

Don't miss the DRINK'N' DRAW sessions at 3rd Ward at 7-10pm on Tuesdays. It's a weekly drawing session that features a live model and plenty of beer. Must be 21 or over to drink (it's USA!!!) and must intent to draw during the session. For directions visit

In London

Don't miss TIME OUT this week. The front cover says: 101 things to do before you leave London.
I am pretty sure I have done at least 70 before I left this city.